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10 Januari 2020
Android 4.1+ Up
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WordWeb Audio Dictionary – An audio dictionary of English vocabulary and thesaurus with synonyms, related words and recorded professional pronunciations. Comprehensive vocabulary database. Predictive word input provides the possibility of correct spelling when writing, as well as a list of words that sound the same or often are confusing. Additional features include the ability to expand each word in the definition, full bookmark support, and history. The database contains proper names and common abbreviations in addition to English vocabulary (eg LOL, Oxford, ROFL, Webster, UNHCR, etc.). No internet connection is required to use WordWeb after installation. It takes around 280MB of space on your SD card.

Learn to pronounce these English words correctly! Speak better in English and change your vocabulary. You can quickly search for words from other applications by selecting words and then choosing WordWeb from the pop-up menu (requires Android 4.0 and higher). If you do not hear a sound, look at the volume / mute in the Basic Settings, Volume section. The media settings must be turned on to hear application sounds.

WordWeb Audio Dictionary. Entering the wrong words refers to writing errors of your writing type, as well as a list of words that are similar or often confusing. Additional features include the ability to collect words for clarity, full column support, and stories.

What Is a WordWeb Audio Dictionary?

WordWeb Audio Dictionary v3.6 is an interesting Android software for speaking and writing English as a native speaker. This application provides the easiest way to learn and manage English. Provides 285,000 types of words, phrases and expressions, 225,000 meanings, 700,000 examples, 70,000 words, 70,000 words, 85,000 word drawings, verbs and similar and related words. WordWeb Audio Dictionary v3.6 also defines spoken and international languages. Their version of search is fast and powerful. Their search results look for names, verbs, adjectives, adwords and lead the reader in full.

WordWeb v3.6 Audio Dictionary Manage presentations. A useful tool for learning and reading English. Provides complete grammar instructions such as nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. It contains 285,000 words and phrases, Uploaded with 225,000 meanings, Give 70000 examples using different words. 70,000 different English voices, 85,000 pronounced names, Invitations, similar and related words

Latest In Application

  • New words, feelings and innovation
  • new construction system
  • Options menu for sharing file directories
  • Look directly at the words in the album
  • Easy editing of the traditional version
  • Some modifications and adjustments

How to Install WordWeb Audio Dictionary

  1. Search for and download applications from the links that provide or from the pages available in this article
  2. Save the application file first into the file manager that is in the device that will be used
  3. Activate the security settings first with the following steps = settings >> unknown source >> select / activate
  4. Install the application directly into the device and wait for the installation process to complete
  5. Open and run the application wherever you want
  6. Done

WordWeb Contains

  • 285,000 words, expressions, and derived forms
  • 225,000 definitions of word meanings
  • 70,000 use cases
  • 70,000 audio statements
  • 85,000 text statements
  • Synonyms, similar and similar words
  • American, English, Australian and International English

Features Provided In The Application

  • Alphabet list
  • Spelling suggestions
  • Quick Template Search (*,?, Vowels and consonants)
  • Filter search results with nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs
  • New Jan
  • The icon is compatible with new Google policies.
  • Fix problems with predictive text on Samsung.
  • Family Library

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