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23 Mei 2020
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Download WiFi Pro FTP Server v1.9.1 Apk Full Paid Latest Version

WiFi Pro FTP Server Apk – For Android FTP servers or tablets that change your Android phone. This cool application for your mobile or tablet is used to manage your FTP server.

Turn your Android phone or tablet into an FTP server. Use this cool application to host your FTP server on your mobile or tablet. Use an FTP server to transfer files, photos, movies, songs to your device like the FileZilla FTP client.

FTP client or your FileZilla Android file, photos, movies, equipment, etc. To be used to send songs or FTP servers. Key Features Can be equipped with an FTP port server number that supports FLP (FTPS). Set anonymous access Initial installation.

Mounting point directory. Set a username or password to prevent copying of files transferred by the USB cable and WiFi mode. WiFi connection and hotspot mode, FTP support will be added before purchasing a transaction.

Test the same version of the game that supports free advertising on the server. Wifi Pro Ftp Server Apk For use whenever you want, consider FTPS over TLS / SSL via FTP from FTPS // URL.

SFTP support will be added soon. It only supports more than 1024 ports or ports for 21 non-root telephone support. The default settings are set to 2221 and can be changed from the settings screen.

What is WiFi Ftp Server?

WiFi Pro Ftp Server Apk is an application for setting the Ftp server on your device. This application can be used at any time after it is confirmed that you have installed it correctly into your device.

Download WiFi Pro Server FTP 1.5.5 Apk for Android 2020 apk free. Full version and WiFi Pro FTP Server 1.5.5 Apk Android 2020 Apk MOD is available here and you can download it.

If you want to download WiFi Pro FTP Server 1.5.5 Apk for the full version of Android 2020 Apk or MOD then you can get it for your Android. You can download Apk Pro Server FTP 1.5.5 Apk for Android 2020 MOD Apk and also the full version of Apk Pro Server FTP 1.5.5 Apk for Android 2020 here.

Select the desired APK version and download. This setting can be activated via the screen. If you don’t have an FTP client, you can download the Filezilla FTP server for free. You can use Windows File Explorer.

Small changes and greater freedom The screen settings now use a clear theme. WiFi Pro Server FTP 1.5.5 Apk for Android 2020. Then it might be a little monotonous, but to try other network applications that are capable of all types and different demonstrations. So if you want to download all types of free Apk or MOD, you can access it

How to download APK files

  • The first step you need to take is to find the download page available in this article
  • Continue by clicking the download button provided to download the Apk file.
  • Then wait until the download process is complete

How to Install APK Files

  1. After downloading the Apk file, first save the Apk file to the file manager on your device
  2. First Contact, Apply unknown source to security options with step = enter option >> select unknown source >> execution
  3. Then install the Apk directly on the machine you are using and complete the installation process
  4. Now you can open it wherever and whenever you want
  5. Finish and enjoy

Key Features of the Application

  • Port number that can be configured for the entire FTP server
  • Supports FTP via TLS / SSL (FTPS)
  • Configurable anonymous access
  • Home folder settings
  • Username / password can be configured
  • Do not use a USB cable to transfer files and copies / backup via Wifi
  • Works through Wifi and Wifi connection modes (hotspot mode)
  • SFTP support will be added soon

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