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WhatsApp Sniffer – Launched specifically for those of you who are curious and want to know what activities are being carried out by your close friends in their daily lives, in fact it has become part of human nature, which is the feeling of wanting to know what is far from your eyes and for that there are indeed many have found ways or mechanisms that are useful for spying on fellow human beings themselves.

It is not strange or strange when we put excessive worry on the people we care about and supervise them for the common good, but if this kind of thing is done transparently then of course it will cause an unpleasant feeling from the people we have watched.

That is why many developers are inspired by a variety of interesting experiences that have been and have been passed through in their daily lives, of course, with the intent and purpose once again for the good even though the users of the application of conversation with this supervision must put aside trust and like wasting time in vain it’s useless in spying on other people’s conversations.

But to prevent something undesirable in the future, this kind of thing seems to be feasible and common to do as a form of attention to the people we care about, but no doubt sometimes this application is dominantly used only for the pleasure of young people who bully friends play it.

Understanding WhatsApp Sniffer

WhatsApp Sniffer, this application is included in the application that functions to hack the conversation of others in a Wi-Fi network, launched for a good purpose in terms of surveillance if they are the closest people we care about, and here we do not recommend this application be downloaded for the purposes of which is illegal especially to the point of violating the privacy of others.

Stay with good intentions and goals, even if you can tap into the conversation of others, but if it’s just for fun and prudence then you should use your time to do useful things instead of wasting time useless for something that is useless.

Why WhatsApp Sniffer

For those of you who have become parents of the children you care about more than that for young people who already have a life partner this application is then useful for supervision of those you care about, the applications included in this free application do require an internet connection that good and broad reach, this application has also been used and downloaded for the personal benefit of its users and our suggestions for useful use we always remind you all, and be wise in using this one application.

WhatsApp Sniffer feature

  • Work one channel
  • P2P security encryption
  • Hacking other people’s conversations
  • WA tracker
  • Separate rules of conversation
  • No root
  • Free
  • Read the entire chat
  • Eraser chat
  • Easy use
  • And others

How to Install WhatsApp Sniffer

  1. The first step, download the related application on the smart phone that has rooted
  2. The second step, Save the application in the storage folder
  3. The third step, Open the application that has been downloaded from the folder
  4. Step four, Activate Unknown sources (settings> unknown source> activate)
  5. Step five, Open the application and run it
  6. Done

How to tap WhatsApp

  • First, make sure you have installed the related application
  • Second, download also Apk BusyBox (google play store)
  • Third, use the Wi-Fi network (no GSM) channel
  • Fourth, open the WhatsApp snifer apk
  • Fifth, access root> BusyBox> ARP Spoof> Run
  • Sixth, start tracking and running
  • Done


“We emphasize to you that we are not the creators of this application here, with good intentions we are only to help and share with you if you want to use this type of application, with the terms of use that do not exceed the privacy limits of others, and aim for supervision of things that is not wanted from the people closest to us, we do not recommend the use of this application to people who are not related to you what else to violate the provisions of the field and any matter and that is not our responsibility, and we feel this is quite clear ”



Is this application can be found on the Play Store

This application cannot be found in Play Store

Is this application easy to use

Just follow the steps and how to use it that has been shared, it will make it easier for you

Is this application compatible with all types of android

Try to use Android version 4.1+ only to avoid delays that might occur on your cellphone

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