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23 Desember 2019
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WhatsApp Business Plus – You all may have heard a lot and know that the WhatsApp application does come in various versions, if in the previous article we talked about WhatsApp applications with several versions including WhatsApp XV 08 Alpha and WhatsApp Plus Jimod.

But on this occasion we will try to invite you to peel and explore information about the WhatsApp application that uses the name WhatsApp Business Plus and is still formed by WhatsApp.Inc which turned out to be appropriate to be used by WhatsApp lovers almost all over the world, which certainly after through certain considerations by these users.

As we all know and we have explained many times to all of you about the understanding and function of the WhatsApp application some time ago, that for messaging applications this application has indeed become number one in the world.

With interesting features and maximal speed in the delivery of communication between users then this application has been recognized for its superiority by users who until now have not left and are still loyal to use this application as an alternative in establishing close and long distance communication.

We have to admit that this WhatsApp application with its various versions does not yet have an application that can match its advantages, even though there have been many similar applications and even resemble this application, but they cannot fade simpaty application users, including this very simple and famous application.

Basically this application is indeed for communicating among fellow users, but you need to know that in each version there are different functions and that we can find if we later use the WhatsApp Business Plus application that we currently offer as usual to all of you.

How do you install the WhatsApp Business Plus application, what are the benefits of this application, find the answer to your questions in this article by continuing to read and listen to our writing this time, here is the description.

Understanding WhatsApp Business Plus

WhatsApp Business Plus, is an application that has experienced the development of the initial version as a messaging application by prioritizing various features as well as excellence and functions to help users in business and trade activities or related matters, in addition to this application can also be used messaging and not far away from application type initially with the service of sending messages, pictures, interfaces and so forth.

Longer Video Status Duration

By using this version of the application you can upload a video for you to make it as a status with a duration that you can then set and much different from the original version which can only upload videos as a status of less than 50 seconds.

Use the Same Mobile Number

You will be able to activate this application just by using or using just one cellphone number, so you don’t need to bother looking for or buying another cellphone number to activate this application.

WhatsApp Business Plus Features and Benefits

  • Various themes and backgrounds
  • Privacy Settings
  • Picture
  • Finger print
  • View Kenburn
  • Chat Direct
  • Dnd Mode
  • Open splash
  • Video Duration long
  • All files
  • Proximity sensor
  • Clean chat
  • Chat verification
  • Image Settings
  • Include anti expired
  • Interface
  • Clone version
  • Unclone version
  • No banned
  • No blocking
  • No Ads
  • Easy to use
  • Broad reach
  • In the grip
  • And others

How to Install WhatsApp Business Plus

  1. First download the related link
  2. Install the application in the folder
  3. Select an unknown source
  4. Install the application file
  5. Open the application and run
  6. Done


Can this application be banned?

No, this application is not banned as described in the feature above

Is this application confintable with all android brands

To avoid slowness on your cellphone you should use Android phone version 4. 2 + only

Is this application easy to understand

Yes, of course this application is very easy to understand

Is this application different from the initial version

What distinguishes this application from the initial version is only found in the added features

Thus, friend, our explanation this time about WhatsApp Business Plus, hopefully this can help you as a benchmark and your consideration if you want to use this application in your cellphone, we hope that it can be useful and thank you.

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