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15 September 2020
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Download WhatsApp Aero APK Latest Version 8.40 2020 – Of the many amazing WhatsApp MOD applications, of course the most sought after is a unique and attractive appearance.

So many developers are competing to modify the look that is different from the others.

Developers from Turkey this time are publishing WhatsApp Aero with a unique appearance, even the file size of this application reaches 56 MB.

Usually, WhatsApp MOD has a large size comparable to the additional features it offers.

Well, before you download this application, it’s good to know in advance the information below.

What is WhatsApp Aero?

WhatsApp Aero is a WhatsApp application modified by Hazar BOZKURT with a unique look and many additional features.

Therefore, it is not surprising why this application reaches 56 MB in size. WhatsApp Aero has a special feature with a large photo profile in the top center and a unique bottom navigation button.

Not only that, the settings (Aero Mods) also have a more colorful appearance.

Now in the Aero Mods settings it contains additional features that you can configure and the following are all current WhatsApp Aero features.

WhatsApp Aero Features

1. Privacy Features

Allows you to hide things that no one wants to know, be it contacts or other people.

This feature is intended to protect your privacy from unwanted people.

  • The last freeze was seen
  • Disable forward
  • Filter who can contact you
  • Special privacy
  • Hide viewed status
  • Anti-erase status
  • Anti message deletion
  • Show blue check after answering
  • Hide blue check marks, two check marks, microphone, typing and recording for contacts, groups and
  • broadcasts

2. Universal Features

Allows you to change colors, wallpaper universally, and several other features.

3. Home Features

Allows you to customize the appearance of the homepage such as color, font size, style, and so on

4. Conversation Screen Features

Allows you to adjust the chat screen such as color, font size, style, buttons, and so on

5. Floating Action Button

To modify the floating button on the homepage at the bottom

6. Other features

This is another feature that you can activate or configure

  • Clean the WhatsApp log
  • DND mode
  • Send images up to 18MB
  • Send more than 10 image files in one delivery
  • Increase the video upload size limit to 700MB
  • Proximity sensor
  • Back up data and restore data
  • Hide media from gallery
  • Key features, recovery questions, pins, passwords, patterns
  • Widget
  • Aero Themes, with more than 3,000 applicable themes

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