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Latest WhatsApp Aero Mod

Kuotamurah.co.id – Currently, there are many modded WhatsApp applications that offer advanced features with the best appearance. And the following are recommendations for using WhatsApp Aero as the right and safe choice for you.

The reason is, WA Aero is the second most used application after WA GB. Even active users have reached tens of millions in various parts of the world.

Curious about what’s in the modification of this very popular chat application? Let us know in the statement below.

Aero WhatsApp Reviews

The application, which was first released in 2019, can be called a fresh and new application. The appearance itself is very attractive because it carries a modern theme that makes it very easy and makes it easier for users to understand

each of its features.

In fact, some of the functions are more or less the same as other modded applications offered. However, there are still distinguishing features that are also its advantages.
The developer of WA Aero is Bozkurt Hazarr who takes inspiration from Found WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp.

WA Aero developers are very enthusiastic about the changes from the original application, so they are updated regularly to keep users safe.

Another advantage is the very stable interface, which can be called the best display of the WhatsApp mod application.
Its performance is on par with other mod apps as its speed and accuracy have been adjusted and it helps to keep it stable.

If you’re using a native app, you’ll usually come across limitations. For example sending a file with a limited size that WhatsApp Aero needs to solve this problem.

It even seems that what is contained in the modified application is a solution to the limitations of the original version. This is because modded app developers get the idea that the limitation is the original WA itself.

The purpose of this modded application is of course to make it easier for users to chat freely. What’s more, it offers complete functions, making chatting activities more enjoyable.

WhatsApp Aero Benefits/Features

Each modified version of an application will certainly have more interesting features than the original version of the application.
The following is information about the features of WA Aero that you will not find in the original WA, namely:

1. Security Features

Unlike the original application, WA Aero has provided security features that are quite safe. This security feature is equipped with a password that can be used such as a pattern or PIN that can be adjusted according to your wishes so that WhatsApp is maintained.
Also, there are features that can help if needed, e.g. B.guard function The reason is that you may forget the password or pattern you created earlier.
If you forget, this feature will help you open WhatsApp and even tell you the password you used.

2. Privacy Features

In WA Aero, this privacy feature is very diverse and can be used by users. Apart from that, you don’t get any privacy features in the original version of WA.
If you want to learn more about this privacy feature, you can read the following statement:
You can hide your online status and still look offline even though you have accessed the WhatsApp application.
You can’t see any forwarded messages that you have previously created, so the sender of the forwarded message remains private and there is no indication that the message is from another forwarded message.
Can control who can reach you via WhatsApp calls, so not everyone can reach you.
Hide story view so you’re invisible even if you’ve seen your friends’ stories.
Hide reports for sent messages and also double-check the message sender view so you don’t see the status of your messages.
You can find out the status of friends who are online without opening a contact.
It can hide microphone, recording, camera and other functions which makes it look very simple and meet your needs.
When you type a message, its status is hidden and unknown to the recipient of the message.

Of course this privacy feature will not be in the original app like it or not, if you want to use all the privacy features you need to download the modified app.

3. Display

The screen is one of the most important features to know when you want to use an app. This is because this indicator determines how comfortable you are using this modded application.

If the application looks attractive, of course you will not be bored, but if the application is less attractive you will feel normal and use it as needed.

For the appearance given by WhatsApp Aero, it is very pleasant as you can see below:

Themes, smart servers choose cool themes and can be customized as you like. There are many unique themes which are not found in the original app.
Changes to the appearance of the page can be made on the WhatsApp home page and can even be done every day to fill the gaps in your time.
Font shapes and sizes are very diverse and can be designed according to your criteria.
You can make changes to the column and bottom of the chat in this application, so you will feel very comfortable watching this ad.
Set Last Seen or Last Seen in your profile view.
Comes with a full range of stickers and emojis and supports aesthetics which you can edit independently.
It can take up to 3 minutes to create a WA story with a video file, so the duration is longer and there is no need to trim the video to create a long story.
The quality of the transmitted image is the same as the actual size. This is certainly different from the original WhatsApp which immediately reduces the quality of the images sent.
Can send multiple images with one click, which is 30 images at once with the same quality as the original and without changing the size.
Send video files up to 700MB in size.

With the features on this display, it’s great fun when they can be fully exploited. The reason is, you can chat with friends or colleagues very freely with this display.

In addition, it is very useful for business people who want to advance their business because this feature also contributes to the effectiveness of doing business. For example, sending multiple images, guaranteed file quality, and creating WA stories without any cropping.


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