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8. 26

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8. 26
1 April 2020
Android 4.0+
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Download WhatApp Plus 8.26 + JiMODs Apk For Android

Download WhatApp Plus 8.26 + JiMODs – Hello buddy, read all? what do you guys think if you hear a word WhatApp? and we are also very sure if you all must have been very understanding and very understanding of the application, because it can be guessed if everyday you always use this WhatApp message delivery application.

It is known by us together that this one application does have its own features and advantages, not only for just sending messages, but more than that, what app download jimods also presents a successful video call to reach the sympathy of users starting from this application first launched on the market at that time.

In addition, this application can support the expressions of its users in sending messages privately, besides we can create our writing in messages we can also send images or emoticons as our expression statements then we can share stories through status updates where we are or others.

Almost the same as Face Book WhatApp application is launched immediately boom and is used by almost all android smartphone owners around the world, in contrast to the usual messaging feature that can only send text away from it even whatApp application can also send voice messages to friends , chat through groups, chat more than one person in one message and many other advantages.

But do you all already know that at this time WhatApp has been transformed into a great application by experiencing an update WhatApp is currently using the name WhatApp Plus 8.26 Jimods Apk, what are the advantages of this application, or how if we want to install this application to your Android device , and is it true that this WhatApp application allows us to have two different WhatApp applications in One smartphone, for answers to your various questions, here we explain what is WhatApp Plus 8.26 +, here is an explanation.

Understanding WhatApp Plus 8.26 + JiMODs Apk

WhatApp Plus 8.26 + Jimods Apk is an application that has undergone a transformation by the developer and uses (Anti-Banning System) which is known to be able to install two WhatApp applications in One android type smartphone that is confintable with this application and also has its own advantages that can cover our accounts from the hands of ignorant hands who often exploit our ignorance by using our WhatApp application secretly or unknown.

This type of WhatApp is also known to have features and advantages that are more adequate than the previous application because it was created by going through the verification process by the developers from the initial application and they added more features than before, and believe that many users will be interested this one and that application is indeed proven.

WhatApp Plus 8.26 + JiMODs Features and Benefits

  • Two applications in one cellphone
  • yo-mods design
  • live preview
  • hidden chat
  • chat hidden
  • more improvement
  • many colors
  • upload media 16 mb
  • best picture quality
  • free advertising
  • fast delivery
  • partial copy paste
  • watch status
  • hide profile picture
  • theme
  • call support
  • emojis a lot
  • zoom
  • privation mod
  • server mod
  • bubble change
  • statistical counter
  • group chat
  • video call
  • chat more than one
  • screen shoot
  • preview media
  • online & offline
  • message image enhancement
  • status of more than 140 words
  • picture status
  • video status
  • voice tag
  • advanced link
  • press link
  • message identification
  • profile privacy
  • copy paste
  • pdf, xls, txt, doc files, etc.
  • Etc

Cara Menginstall WhatApp Plus 8.26 + JiMODs Apk

Uninstall aplikasi sebelumnya terlebih dulu
lalu download whatapp jimods, link terkait
kemudian install aplikasi nya
masukkan nomor aktivasi kalian
ikuti prosesnya

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