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23 Desember 2019
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Very Little Nightmares Mod Apk – Among the millions of video game puzzles that can immediately make gamers feel numb, Very Little Nightmares from Bandai Namco will take over the entire gaming industry this year. Very Little Nightmares debuts on iOS and Android devices at an acceptable price, compared to many other video games in the same genre. Its undeniable elements and main features have helped it gain a stable position in various puzzle video game graphics, despite the fact that Very Little Nightmares is not a free download application.

Story Game

Very Little Nightmares has players following the story of a girl in a yellow raincoat, whose adventure will be the main dish throughout the game. Falling into a hostile home, the little girl now struggles to find a way out, and she must avoid all the dangerous elements around her. Strangely, anyone who joins the game will be involved in a world with a frightening environment.

As the game’s plot implies, a girl might be trapped in a dark house, where many horrific scenes occur. Unfortunately, no one approached the weapon for the little boy to protect himself. The theme of Very Little Nightmares really seems like a nightmare for everyone among the players, and the only way to overcome the nightmare is to wake up. What is sad in the game’s story is that, if the girl cannot find a way out of the room where she is trapped, her life is in danger.

The game has an exciting gameplay outside of a dark story. What makes Very Little Nightmares even more thrilling is the extraordinary factor in its gameplay, which requires players to use all their intelligence

Escape And Challenges In The Game

The game world of Very Little Nightmares contains a series of escape rooms, and the task of the players is to solve all the puzzles in each room to find a way out. The more mysterious the escape room is seen by the players, the more unexplained cases the players will face. After the players can handle all the puzzles he feels in one room, he can help the girl to escape and save her vulnerable life.

Taking part in the game using a second-person perspective, players must activate their exploration skills if they want to uncover the hidden purpose behind the mansion. This game allows players to move, and interact with various objects around them. Interaction can cause changes in all situations experienced by the players.

Good Graphics With Perfect Presentation

Very Little Nightmares presents western animated graphics with designs in a living game. It seems like the game developers never blew their sadness into every scene that the players had to go through. The main colors of the graphics on Very Little Nightmares are black, brown, gray and yellow. All the bleak colors (except Yellow) can be material for crying poetry. The game also radically utilizes the effects of buildup on objects and items for the most amazing environments. Struggling to survive before the dark creature comes out of the corner, the players will catch the feeling of floating in the deepest sadness sometimes.

How to Download Very Little Nighthmares

  1. Press the Download Existing button
  2. Now you will be directed to the download page
  3. Select and download the APK
  4. A confirmation window will appear, according to your browser preferences.
  5. Take Tap again and save the file on your device.

How to install Very Little Nightmares

  1. Download the zip file provided and save it to your device.
  2. Open Split APKs Installer (SAI). Tap the “Install APK” button then browse to the downloaded file.
  3. Click Install and wait for the installation process to complete.
  4. Done

How to play

In Very Little Nightmares, there is a maze that must be overcome by the players, and that is Sarang. Nest appears with many death traps. As players advance, they will have the opportunity to face the ongoing challenges that continue to emerge in their path. The more challenges that arise, the more crowded the road to victory.

Very Little Nightmares centered on the deepest fear in anyone’s mind, and it was clearly trapped in a confined space. As said above, the game gives players the last sentence if the players cannot overcome the puzzle that locks them. Furthermore, if the players let the game know that they are trapped, Very Small Nightmares will remove the most sinister monsters from the dark to encourage the game’s progress. There will be more than one time when players cannot help panic because they have to face the monsters they have avoided for life.

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