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Total Conquest Mod Apk – Which is one of the famous games for some time? The game that presents the theme of war between regions is very popular among children, including adults.

At present, the type of game that rules the city or kingdom is highly sought after by mobile players. In general, general conquest is very different. This is not a modern city, this is a city that matches the design of a great city.

Games that have a simulation game path that builds areas from 0 to areas made great. Because it has a lot of strength and protective power is very well played as free time. So for you lovers For war simulation games. You should try the Total Conquest Mod game that you can share at this time.

Game Description Total Conquest

Total Conquest Mod Apk is an Android game that is very similar to Clash of Clans. Because they both have the same game. But the difference between the two games is only in terms of elements, heroes and images, and more uniqueness. sought total. What was conquered was that we could play offline.

Unlike the COC game where we have to use an Internet connection to play. But in the last game Total Conquest Mod you can play offline (without internet connection). It will definitely save your data when playing.

As in the name of this game, Conquest Total Mod Offline Mod Apk where this game is modified (Mod). So it has additional features compared to the original version. Ie he will have access to offline games. You will have unlimited money to spend on in-game items

Download the latest version

Summon battles to control the Roman Empire and join online legion players! Total Conquest is an interesting and strategic social game where you will become a Roman ruler. Developing your own city, state and army. But when Caesar dies, you don’t have to play anymore: you have to join the Noble High Legion. Strengthen or create your own to defeat the enemy, protect your territory and survive.

These issues must also be considered when preparing and adding troops. Because other kingdoms can attack at any time, and this kingdom is very dangerous for your throne. In addition to solo mode, there are multiplayer multiplayer options. So you don’t get bored while playing full conquest games.

Attractive 3D graphics

Supported by good 3D graphic animations, this enhances the pleasure of playing general winning games. At a glance you will see that this game is similar to COC. So it shouldn’t be messy when you first play.

To protect the apples and gold you have, you must build (protect) your kingdom’s walls and weapons. Remember the army and robbery. Robbery is a must to improve all elements of defense and weapons. Remember to make a base to protect you by placing traps and bombs right. So enemy forces will not be able to easily reach your city.

How to Install the Game

  1. Be sure to download it from the link
  2. Turn on unknown sources first.
  3. How to go to settings and choose security. Mark the next unknown source.
  4. Then install the apk as usual.

How to Install the Total Conquest Mod

  • When you first open the complete game, disconnect the data connection.
  • Open your general conquest game.
  • Now enter the settings on your mobile device, change the date and time for several days.
  • Re-enter the game and see if your gold is full.

In the end, a real war strategy game comes for Android

  • apk Conquer all
  • Create an efficient province.
  • Create and manage your own city status.
  • Protect your city with towers, traps, walls, gates, and garrison units.

Epic War

  • Hire, train and develop 10 different types of units, each with a specific role
    Join a challenging campaign to practice the art of war.
  • Fight with players from all over the world and lead your troops to victory.
    Legal protection without stopping
  • Facebook invites friends from Facebook and Google+.
  • Legs Create or join strong Legion players and receive more information from other members.
  • Coordinate with alliances to win Legion Wars.
  • Improve your Leg Legion rank and get a chance to win a big prize.
  • Google+. Compare your score on Google+ or in-game scoreboard.
  • Free strategy for everyone who enjoys social games, great army / war games or online battles.
  • Enter the battle, prepare for battle and enjoy hours of fun!

What’s new

  • Improved game performance, improvements and bug fixes

Strengths Held

  • Build and manage your Roman city.
  • Protect the royal land with towers, traps, walls, gates and soldiers.
  • Expand your army, train and upgrade your armor.
  • Take the lonely task to win the war.
  • Oppose other players from all over the world.
  • Invite your friends on Facebook and Google Plus.
  • Create or join a strong Legion and share strength among the players.
  • Agree with your colleagues to win the war.

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