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30 April 2020
Android 4.4 and Up
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Download the Latest Version PREMIUM TextNow

TextNow PREMIUM Apk – TextNow PREMIUM Apk which is an application that can be used by users with free services. This is an application that supports users to send text messages and call friends and family in the US and Canada for free.

TextNow has a good and friendly work environment, designed to connect directly to the operating system on the phone, which is integrated directly with your Windows contacts.

After entering the application, you will be given a unique telephone number with a unique place code. You can use this phone number to send and receive calls, messages and pictures of friends and relatives without limits throughout the US and Canada.

This application functions like a normal telephone, so your family or friends don’t need to install the program. As a messaging and calling application, TextNow also has features such as voice messaging, video sending, group chat.

The most popular feature of TextNow is the ability to create unique telephone numbers with unique place codes. Which means you will make phone calls using a virtual telephone number with a US place code but in reality, you are in Vietnam for example.

TextNow PREMIUM Apk you can download here Kuotamurah.co.id by pressing the download icon. Look at the page below with the download image then click with one touch. Then you will be able to feel the benefits of this application.

Application Description TextNow Apk

TextNow is a free messaging application released on official links, this is fully validated by more than 10 million downloads. The display is optimized for messages so you can use it more easily than existing resources.

This feature is a breakthrough in information technology, allowing you to receive or make phone calls to friends and relatives in the US or Canada. TextNow is the right choice for them to save on call costs.

If you want to use your telephone number to make calls, you only need to pay a small fee for the application. Of course, using your telephone number, and making phone calls to distant places.

Meanwhile, your telephone calls will get better, faster and give you more stability in communication. To add user information, make users more comfortable and want to use something developer-led.

Application With Virtual Interface

TextNow is one of the most successful applications where you have an easy-to-use interface with a simple design but still features young and modern features. You will never feel affected when using the mobile application because it is very easy to use.

High security is another factor that makes TextNow popular. At present, identity theft and message theft are causing users to worry about their accounts and messages. To resolve this situation, TextNow has created a layer of security for your messages, helping you prevent network attacks.

The passcode layer will protect your message from those who want to access your message, such as unlocking a code to unlock your phone. In addition, the TextNow development team also developed applications that have the highest security features of users, especially components related to the program.

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