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SuperSU – Is a tool that can manage all applications contained in our cellphones, in other words this application can control our phone with various options offered by this application, one of which is to allow root opening on the device for use. With all the features possessed by this application then makes it useful for aiming to replace different applications that can manage rights on phones that have been rooted, and as the name suggests this application is a super cool application with all the features in it.

Decryption from SuperSU?

SuperSU is a well-known root-only application that acts as a protector for your rooting Android device. It comes in a special security framework for managing application permissions. And there are also management advantages where applications must enter the system and which applications do not. So if there is a malicious threat about taking various applications after root, only the SuperSU Root application takes the responsibility of keeping them from the limit. Then no application will bypass the restrictions pulling you to the detriment of all the root it has.

Introduction to SuperSU Root

The power of the developer behind SuperSU downloads is Chainfire, which has been a famous Android developer for years and as always, there are millions of downloads recorded knowing that it is the smartest and easiest approach to keep all your super user access management clean and precise . And that is why it is called “the future Superuser access management tool” which involves all the updated techniques.

Actually, SuperSU apk has nothing to do with rooting Android. But the thing it does is take care of all rights once you have succeeded in Android Root. So to say chainfire SuperSU has to make your root run properly, you will easily agree. Especially, it maintains good control of applications that have taken access to the core layer of the device system. So it’s about ensuring security after root.

Root function on Android

If you are an Android user, then you might be familiar with the word “Rooting”. There was a time when many available Android phones did not fulfill their potential, and root was the answer. In those days smartphones would definitely run on terrible software updates that could not stand the sensation of customization.

Android is an open source operating system that allows you to customize your device outside the manufacturer’s limits. If you have rooting your device, you can do many useful things. With root, you can remove the bloatware that came on your cellphone, run a firewall, activate tethering even if your operator blocks it, Overclock and underclock, manually back up your system, and other useful tweaks to gain system access.

Features and Functions of SuperSU Download

  • SuperSU Root
  • Superuser quick access
  • Get up quickly
  • Super user access logging
  • As a detailed log of applications that access super user permissions
  • Super user access notification
  • Unroot temporarily and permanently
  • In-depth process detection feature
  • Configure per-application notifications to pay attention to each application
  • Function in Recovery mode
  • Features as a Conversion to / system application
  • Runs in Ghost mode and several others

Advantages in SuperSU

  • Information recording full color coded commands as input / output displays and more
  • Offers an OTA survival mode
  • Advanced per-application logging configuration
  • Give or deny permission for a specified time period
  • Offers PIN protection
  • Per-application PIN protection to ensure more security for each individual application
  • Users overwrite on a per-application basis
  • Reject automatic countdown adjustment


  • ADB Tool
  • An officially updated Android device that is rooted
  • TWRP recovery
  • Download the latest version of SuperSU APK

How to use SuperSU

  1. Make sure the device is connected to the PC
  2. Boot the device to the bootloader
  3. At the prompt type as “fastboot flash recovery.img”
  4. Let flashing recovery.img, and switch to recovery mode
  5. On TWRP, continue to “advanced” >> “ADB sideload” and swipe to continue
  6. Sideload SuperSU download the latest version
  7. Let the process and reboot make SuperSU Pro successfully installed

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