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23 Desember 2019
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Download the Latest Super Mario Run Game Apk

Super Mario Run Apk – When you hear the name of this game being called, we are sure for you that some gamers will return to memory when playing this game using Nintendo tools. As you know before that this game is not something foreign or even new. This game was so popular in the old days like it was the Pac Man game and the Sonic Game. But in the current era the game is made more modern and more attractive with various supporting features to facilitate the game. But that does not mean that players can consider easily every level that will be passed, rather players must be careful to play it.

Download Super Mario Run Free for Android Smartphones to Create the Best Original Nintendo Games with the Most Popular Whiskered Plugin. Starting September 2016, when Tim Cook and Shigeru Miyamoto took over Apple throughout the year to announce the arrival of Super Mario on mobile devices, the hype surrounding Super Mario Run, the first smartphone and tablet game developed by Nintendo, did not stop growing.

IOS users are finally allowed to download games to their iPhones and iPads. This has set goals and since March 2017 has been available for download. So, forget to borrow your iPhone or watch an amazing game on YouTube because you can now play it on your device.

Game Reviews

We can stop trying to imagine what it’s like and try all our features ourselves. First of all, even after the iOS version, this is a free download game, but ‘free’ is not entirely true, because we have to make an in-app purchase to play a fully accessible game. So, for all 24 levels to play, we have to pay a price under 10 euros.

Super Mario Run for Android costs the same as the iPhone version. How to play this automatic run like an iPhone. We can walk around the most famous microphone in the history of video games with just one hand, causing her to run in search of my beloved Princess Peach while collecting coins along the way and playing some of the existing game modes.

When you buy 24 level 6 worlds, you can unlock new characters to play. So you have to learn new controls. You will also find seven types of new levels, as well as decorations and other structures to expand your empire. This Super Mario version comes with three similar game modes available for the iPhone and iPad.

How to Install the Game

  1. Search for and download the game from any link that provides or from this article page
  2. Save the game file in the file manager first
  3. Activate security settings = settings >> unknown source >> select
  4. Install the game directly into the device and complete the process
  5. Open and run the game whenever you like
  6. Done

Latest From the System

    • Bug fixes.


    • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.2.
    • In-App Purchase Offers.

Game Characteristics

  • All World Tour programs can be played
  • It’s easier to get a rally ticket
  • More playable characters
  • More courses and frog rally
  • Play Remix 10 without waiting
  • You need an internet connection to play

Types of Mario Games

  • Word tour:

This is a great way in which we must try to divide 6 game worlds into 24 worlds to save Peach from Bowser, in a situation where we cannot stop running or jumping.

  • Toad Rally:

Is a Super Mario Run multiplayer where we can compete with friends and anonymous users to package their points with stylish movements and actions to get coins and beads. There are seven different programs offered by Toad Rally, and the fun is expanding. In addition to new additions, purple and yellow toads can also benefit you.

  • Empire Builder:

With coins and beads obtained from two alternatives, you can build your own world. It’s a free way to use up to 100 items to create and build. Adding more frogs to the Frog Rally will increase the number of buildings and decorations available. With the help of friendly frogs, you can slowly accumulate your wealth. The variety of buildings available to you is growing, making your property even more refreshing.

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