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10 Januari 2020
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Summertime Saga Apk – As a role player, try downloading a summer story. However, not everyone can play this game. According to Summer Saga, this game is an adult simulation game based on adults. Only those who are old enough can play. This game takes place somewhere in a small town. The story begins with a young man who has just gone to college and is traumatized by the death of his father. The cause of his death is very mysterious. After the trail, the father apparently owes the Mafia the debt. If you want to know the excitement, then download the summer app saga saga and open the feeling.

Summertime Saga. Strictly released since the first problem arose. Among the most popular, we must mention Sarah Classic Leisure Suit Larry, whose special character is available to help make it big in the nightclub world. It was a big hit in the late 80s through graphics that made 256 color V6A graphics cards, leading in inexpensive Larry Saga.

We who have been fortunate enough to play this Summertime Saga game, and have now evolved into other genres and styles entering the world of adventure games often welcome every new game inspired by the same bet despite the fact. that on Android it’s not the same because we can’t use our mouse.

Game Description

Summertime Saga is a game sponsored by Patreon and that has inspired adult graphic adventures with themes that can download both types of APKs for Android and Windows and Mac computers.

With graphics reminiscent of Japanese manga, even if it resonates with a Western audience, this is a story where the main character commits an act of killing his father while living a normal life in school. Well, he’s not completely normal, but he lives with women with curves that have physical laws. So, this is for adults because there are certain situations that need to be rated 18+.

It is difficult to determine who killed with so much interference. In terms of gameplay, we talk about point-and-click adventures with a first-person perspective where we can interact (open, lift, manipulate etc.) and other aspects of the game, talk to other characters from people like Judith, Roxxy or Jenny .

Overall, this is not the best adventure in the history of honor that may be the mystery of Monkey Island or Tentacle Day but it’s pretty cool. However, we cannot be satisfied with the fact that it must show young women to attract potential viewers.

There are many characters

The game has more than 65 characters that you can meet and interact with. And there are more than 30 different locations. The female character in the game is also portrayed because she looks very cute and sweet. The players will not be disappointed if they play. However, there are only three matches that can be completed per day. After these three matches are finished, the player must sleep for hours to start a new day. This helps players not to be too dependent on the game and to do other tasks, because in reality the game is designed to fill leisure time, not play all day.

How to Install the Summertime Saga Game

  1. Search and download games from the link that provides
  2. After downloading it, don’t install it first, but save the game file in the device manager file
  3. Activate the security settings first with the stages = settings >> unknown sources >> select activate
  4. Install the game directly into the device and complete the process
  5. Done

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