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1 April 2020
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Stickman Battle – Is a fun and exciting game. The players play the superhero stickman. Fighting the Dark Legion. The dark legion is a mighty hero, but destroyed by the forces of darkness. In this game, you can unlock all kinds of heroes and raise it to a higher level. You can also buy hundreds of in-game weapons. This game is very fun to play. However, all heroes and weapons must be paid for with coins. And many players don’t have enough money to buy it.

With the Stickman Battle game you can free all the heroes. You can also upgrade to a higher level. So, you can always win the game. Who, all weapons can be freely bought. You can choose one of them. Stickman Battle Mod is the best choice for players who try to play Stickman Battle. Just download this great Android game model.

Stickman Battle is a game that can be played for years. This game is grouped into an action game for the Google Play Store. Not only playing, you can also access the official Games page if you want to download it while reading more in-depth information about the makers of this game. Stickman Battle is available to download and install on Android phones with 16 and above. You can also find this Android game with your favorite browser and click on it.

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Stick Battle is a great Android-based game from OneSoft, a Vietnamese mobile game studio. If you’ve ever liked stickman games, you’ve probably heard of this studio. They have released a number of mobile games with themes such as Stick Z, Super Dragon Fight or Stickman Battle. Stick Battle is a fun game. This will take you to a great 1vs1 battle in a fantasy world built by legend.

Stick Battle is a fighting game. In it, players will choose and control their opponents in 1vs1 game. You must use the power of your perception and press the control button to attack or use a skill. This game offers various control systems and multi-function buttons. We need a few moments to find out. Usually, the left side is to control your configuration to move in all directions. On the opposite side, there is a list of buttons to control the layout, including the main attack key, dodge button, and four buttons. Because each letter has a different thing, the ability is not the same.

Overall, Stick Battle presents fast and fun steps. The first thing to confirm is that Stick Battle is inspired by Dragon Ball. You can see how the characters make characters from Dragon Ball. Of course, the current character is still the basis of creation, but the developer has added details, such as hair color, hair, and costumes to make it easy to identify one in Dragon Ball. Additionally, the Stick Battle character will not be available from the start. You can only use the main character to play the story. Each letter has a unique measure of strength and ability. You can also use Gold to raise cards. After the upgrade, your status statistics will be better.

Game Mode

So far, Stick Battle has 2 different game modes. The first is the main method, where you will hit the enemy in the middle of the head. In the game, it’s like the story of Dragon Ball when you have to go through a lot of SAGA, like Piccolo Saga, Cell Saga, Buu Saga.

Secondly, there is a good way to make a fun game, 1vs1. That way, you are dealing with an opponent. You must choose your character, your opponents and then choose a difficult level to start the game. In the game section, also see other game modes such as PvP, Competition and Resistance. However, not all are available. Maybe the developer will add new information.

The drawing system is an additional point. In it, it is made in a normal and beautiful way. Again, the effects of walking and working skills are well documented. Also the main sound effects are attack and explosion effects. But it’s also satisfying because the game only has a capacity of 100 million.

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