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10 Januari 2020
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Stick Shadow War Fight – Is a form of game that tells about people trained in attack and technique. To destroy the enemy with a strong attack. Have you ever been trained to be a warrior since you were little? Or are there other interests in your life? Think about the goals you have. Want to win something and be strong to protect someone, or only fight strong enemies? Great and awesome gameplay fighter with Stickman action in a variety of warriors.

If you play a lot of games, you will definitely know about two great designs: Stickman and Shadow. Not only are they popular on computers, they are also widely used to make games for smartphones. This type of graphic is very lightweight so it is used for phone games and is easily made compatible, including weak system devices. Stick Shadow. War Fight is unique because it combines these two patterns and gives players a more aggressive and antagonistic game. Because of this interest many people pay attention and download it.

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For games that don’t even use graphics but have 10 million downloads. There might be other aspects, even if it doesn’t use the best graphics as a blockbuster. The Dragon Ball Z character is laid out and becomes a Stick Shadow War Fight warrior. They will compete with each other like famous battle games released for years. In fact, it does not use the whole character image, but only describes the most significant features. This forces the player to be curious about the body and appearance of every known character they know before. All characters seem completely new.

Stick Shadow Formation of the style of war in War, it’s like other antagonistic products. You will be able to control the character you have chosen before and then rush to fight other players. The two HP fields located in the two corners of the screen indicate the level of damage you receive when downsizing, and that is definitely a loss. The control system is also safe to train. Because it’s made like the MFi collection, so you can quickly control the movement of images. Everyone has the same basic features as instant punching, kicking, releasing and beam.

Start the game and use the best characters

Most importantly, when you have enough energy, you can transform into a Super Saiyan form and use breakthrough power many times. This can be one of the most important in the game, providing a classic turning point. Stick Shadow. War Fight makes the character system very useful when you can see many of the most important characters in the Dragon Ball world. Through the game, players can collect enough prizes to gradually unlock their keys for further battles. All characters in the game are treated the same with the same amount of power, but they still have the special skills that make up their brand.

Each person will have around 20 special movements that have different effects. These characters aren’t all in the game as Stick Shadow. War Fight will regularly update new styles and abilities. They will fight for you and bring you the most epic battles.

How to Download Games

  1. Look for the download page available in this article
  2. Click the download button
  3. Wait for the download process to complete

How to Install the Game

  1. After the game file is downloaded save the file into a file manager that is in the device being used
  2. Activate first unknown source for security settings with stages = enter settings >> select unknown source >> activate
  3. Install the game directly into the device used and complete the installation process
  4. Open and play games wherever and whenever you like
  5. Finish and enjoy

Characteristics in Games

  • Collect more than 20 SSJ characters with unique fighting styles
  • Upgrade and save more than 20 special moves unique to each warrior
  • Super Saiyan Stick Fighter has the most basic controls ever
  • High quality graphics
  • Extraordinary Special Effects
  • Stickman Saiya Fight SSJ gives you the best gaming experience
  • Get Fan Page See new heroes and suggest the best new heroes.

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  • Fix a few small mistakes
  • Improve game performance

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