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10 Januari 2020
Android 2.3 and up
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Slither io Mod Apk – When playing this game we are sure you will immediately remember the same game that was first launched. You could take this game lightly as a whole. That’s because you are already familiar with this type of game. But not as easy as you think, this game requires a very difficult level of accuracy. You must be able to control the characters that play in this game. Because if not, then you will experience defeat. This game requires not only accuracy but more than that, this game requires courage when playing.

In this game the player will play an interesting worm character. Of course players must be careful in controlling it. Do not let the head of the character come into contact with other players. Because if touched with other players then what will happen is the character played will explode and result in defeat of course. But there is something interesting in the flow of this game, if the characters we play meet with other players. Then instead they will be destroyed and explode, and that will be food for the characters we play. Continue throughout the game. Then the victory is in your hands.

There are many opportunities to fight and win in this Slither io Mod Apk game. No matter how small or large the size of the character you play. But of course that can’t be done haphazardly, it requires a good tick and a good strategy to beat other players. You can maneuver freely in this game, turning left and right with the aim of turning off your opponent. Lead your opponents to a large, risk-free place. Then turn according to the direction where your opponent is off guard. Face head to head, then crush your opponents and eat the rest of the debris to increase size. Interesting right?

Slither io Game Specifications

This game is a game that is familiar to some gamers. By just looking at the picture, we are sure that many gamers will know how to play this game well. A game that adopts a plot to control a unique and small-sized worm character. With a variety of ways to defeat other opponents that function to increase size. Keep in mind by players that the larger size will add more points too. So don’t be afraid to kill your opponents if you want to win.

But you have to be careful of other opponents who can cripple you at any time. Because in this game you don’t play alone, there are many opponents who are ready to blow up your character at any time. That means you need to be more agile and thorough when playing this unique game. Because you will never win if you only play monotonous and ordinary. Strategy and foresight in directing the character is very necessary and that is your determinant. Do not underestimate the opponents that roam around you. Find the head of the opponent with the head of the character you are playing. Blast your opponent and win the game.

What’s interesting about this game is when you hit an opponent with your character. Then what will happen is the opponent is paralyzed and the explosion will turn it into a funny colored ball. And that of course you can eat with the character you have to increase the size of your character. Don’t just crash if you want to beat your opponent. You can do the incline if your size is large. You can make movements around the opponent and destroy it and you absolutely can make a point by devouring it. Isn’t that a fun game?

How to Install Slither io Games

  1. Download the game file from the page provided in this article
  2. After downloading, don’t install it first, but first save the game to the file manager used
  3. Then activate the security settings first with the following steps = Settings >> unknown source >> select / activate
  4. Then proceed to install the game on the device being used
  5. Wait until the installation process is completely finished
  6. After everything is finished now you can open and play the game as you wish
  7. Enjoy

Features Included in the Game

  • This game has a variety of different skins and of course interesting
  • Game with no interruptions in boring advertisements
  • The scope of the game is certainly broad and free
  • Attractive graphics and very eye-catching colors
  • It has simple controls and is very easy to understand
  • Can be played by children and adults
  • And others

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