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Nov 29, 2019
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Robbery Bob Mod – A game that is very tense, you will be taken into a game setting that uses a bit of clever tricks in taking items so that they are not known and caught, with the aim of teaching users to always be careful in doing this is what becomes a pleasure in playing this game.

You will be made to direct Bob’s character in this game to take action taking items in a very orderly and careful manner, this game is included in a unique and exciting adventure game and requires players to think hard to finish this game smoothly and without obstacles which can delay your success in playing.

A game that is no less challenging than most action games similar to strategy and point of view that will make you feel tremendous tension in playing it, you must make sure to escape the target of the guards and police who will always supervise every move and will frustrate your actions in taking item and end your game in defeat.

With a unique picture presentation and very easy control then you will really like this action game with all the obstacles contained in it, you have to complete level by level very exciting and tense, as well as the level of the game presented with epic and for information on this game has been launched for about five years and has been downloaded by many users.

Variety of languages

This game is also available in various languages ​​according to the publication, there are about 16 languages ​​that have been adapted to each country in each launch, with various tokens available in this game you will be made late and carried away when you try to control this game that you might think it’s easy before you try it yourself.

What Is Robbery Bob

It was explained at the beginning of the pharagrap earlier that this game is a free action game made by Chilingo Ltd where in playing it you are required to direct Bob’s character to take items in each level without having to be known by guards such as dogs, and people around as well as police who are lurking in this unique game so that you can qualify and make sure to progress to even more difficult levels.

Who is Bob

In this story the game contains a character named Bob who is known to be a convict who is serving a sentence for his imprisonment, then he gets help from a mysterious mafia and takes Bob out of his cage with a tool given to Bob with the consequence he must obey what is the order from the mysterious earlier that is to take every item he wants in any given place is also the level of this game.

Control Button

To control your game provided tolls that you can easily understand in this game, there is a virtual button on the monitor that can help you to direct Bob’s character to various directions to save yourself from the action of taking goods carried out, also you can run with the next foot button which can be an option when the situation starts tense.

Not only that, the ability of Bob’s character abilities has been adjusted in this game, besides running in all directions Bob’s character can also hide in the game and make the desired items individually or automatically.

Lots of Tools

Bob’s character in this game is also equipped with a variety of tools that can help him in externalizing his actions, he has a poisoned donut, mouse toys, unlock keys, noise, and so on which certainly are intended for Bob’s character to smooth his steps in taking the items determined, of course the limits of these tools will be pushed over by you what if you buy them with coins for extra.

100+ Levels Must Be Passed

In this game there are 100+ levels that must be passed smoothly, which then this level is divided into three different locations, namely Playa Mafioso / Shamville / and Seagull Bay, where in each level there are 3 stars that must be fulfilled as well as the values ​​obtained of the time remaining and the total items taken as well as how many people saw it.


This game is indeed interesting to play and reaches all ages including children, but we emphasize to you who already have children and play this game, to conduct special supervision of children and provide special education to children that not to follow or imitate what conducted by Bob in the game with explanations that make sense to them, and hopefully this is useful.

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