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1 April 2020
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Plants VS Zombies 2 Mod – Compilation of “Most Beautiful Games of 2013” on Google Play. Play the next level strategy game in more than 30 award games. Meet, greet and defeat the zombie army from sunrise to sunset. Make sure you have a variety of strong plants, push them with food plants and put them in a good way to protect your brain.

Game Description Plants VS Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is a defensive series that was popular in 2009-2010. Be on time with versions for Windows and Mac OS X. After success, the plant becomes the next version. The launch, Plant Lounge 2 (Unlimited Moves, World Locked), was released three years later, with versions for Android and iOS. This game was developed by PopCaps Games and released for free by EA Mobile. If a player has to spend money beforehand, we can enjoy unlimited free online experiences. Version 2 received positive feedback from reviewers and players

History Game Plants VS Zombies

The game scene is based on the original version of the game. In it, zombies invade the city and head for your home, wanting to eat their own brain. As the owner, it is the player’s responsibility to load certain factories before they reach the door. Then it disappears badly into the past and in ancient Egypt you are looking for 10 catches in the largest scope, found in all the countries of your family’s past and future, such as: pirates, magical cities, etc. You have to fight the peak attacks from various regions and of course. With the advent of new lemons which are new and new plants. You must reach and unlock the door next to each door.

New Version Game

Like version 1, you only need to kill all zombies, you will be able to move the stage. So version 2 requires more than that. To improve the sentiments of the players, the developers must work together to increase the passion and challenges of their game. For example, zombies may not have more than 15 trees in a row or flower plants … Also, each stage is usually on the map, telling you what you are and where you are. Zombi’s aim in this version of the game is stronger than the first version. Many dangerous and aggressive zombies are ready to attack your home. This can be a solar eclipse that can destroy your day.

Best Graphics and Sound

Plants vs Zombies 2 graphics are really great with bright colors and vibrations, even more impressive than the first version, as well as many new effects that emerge. The movement of this game is very smooth and smooth, you rarely and almost impossible to lose when playing. With that, this time Package vs Zombies 2 also includes a lot of music. In addition, you will receive your own support skills in three types: throwing, freezing, and surprise. This skill cannot be collected and you must issue coins for each use. But the power it carries is terrible.

How to Install the Original Plants VS Zombie 2 Game Game

  1. Download file on link
  2. go to “” folder “admin / obb” in it.
  3. Open the game and run
  4. Done

Steps to Install Game Plants VS Zombie 2 MOD Version

  1. Download the game file at the link
  2. Go to “” folder “admin / data” folder.
  3. Then continue to “” folder “admin / obb” in it.
  4. Play the game
  5. Done


  1. Walk online 1 hour
  2. coin
  3. Vito
  4. All paid
  5. All changes

The newest

  • A new season of appreciation and giving
  • Extraordinary message on breasts 10/16 – 11/1
  • Elimination of normal and non-invasive weeds from the punishment plant
  • An amazing piece of Pinata and comics
  • Adjustment to real life and quality of life

Existing Features in the Game

  • Defeat zombies in all 50 damage levels – day and night and fog, in swimming pools and on rooftops.
  • 26 war plants including Pole-Vaulters, Snorkelers, and Bucketheads, each with their own abilities
  • Find 49 strong factories and collect coins to buy goats, high power and more
  • Open the Almanac to find all plants and zombies, as well as some interesting “facts” and quotes
  • Collect 47 lighter wins and show off your zombie order
  • Enjoy the incredible zombie-oting game on PC / Mac – best for Android
  • Paintings, sound effects and additional music videos
  • Is that true? Need coins for good new items? Earn up to 600,000 from the Main Menu
  • The original game includes a full-featured mini game
  • The Bejeweled creator of PopCap created the # 1 puzzle game in the world

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