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Planet Bomber Mod Apk – A simple but fun game called Planet Bomber. Released April 28, 2018, a simple design that is integrated with a game where players can enjoy the bombs destroying the most powerful asteroids on a mobile device. Like other Voodoo games, the only thing you need to do is control the projectile without doing complicated tasks. If you have 10 minutes of free time between work hours and want to enjoy a relaxing game, Planet Bomber might be the right choice for you.

The appearance of a strange planet threatens human life. Research shows that humans are ready to fall to Earth, so humans must do it before it’s too late. Focus Fleet. on your device and destroy it. Your task is to fix the bomb and then bomb the planets and destroy them. Destroy this planet quickly. You must focus on the target and focus on the fire extinguisher. To do this, touch the screen and adjust the bomb you want to attack.

You must be able to consolidate the connection, align the bomb with the biggest hole on the planet and fix the bomb by touching the ground surface. If you touch the center of the planet, the bomb extinguishes the fire, reducing its effectiveness. In this game you have to make a lot of money to help develop bombs. You want to make big money, there is no other way but to play hard to destroy as many planets as possible.

Play the game

You can unlock the bomb by destroying the planet, after which you can increase the power, accuracy, and frequency of the bomb. The first thing you need to do is increase strength, which will increase the risk of a bomb explosion, which means that every time your rocket hits the planet, it will destroy a large area. This is a big and very important improvement in the game, so you have to update it first. As bomb power and accuracy increase, these two factors are important, which will help your bomber reach a certain point correctly.

You can increase bomb speed. As you increase this section each time you destroy a planet, the number of bombs increases. However, renovating this work will be expensive, so you should consider it carefully. This version gives you countless coins and diamonds. Besides opening the membership section. This will make your game easier without having to spend money.

Like the previous Voodoo title, Planet Bomber was designed to be based on a simple 2D platform to facilitate this topic especially to help players enjoy and spend time. Sound effects are great when a bomb that flies over the planet looks interesting. If you are looking for a simple and fun game, I think Planet Bomber is very good and you can try it. As usual, the game has released a free iOS version of the game and an Android version.

Destroy the Planet

As you know, the game uses an easy way to work. In this new game, click on the screen to start the game and increase the power of your rocket as you play the game. Weapons continue to be burned until the ground is destroyed. This game is very simple but uses the same method as other games. But try and you will see the difference. Entering the game screen gives you basic missiles with less damage but faster recovery time. Players are often allowed to spam to speed up targeting.

The only thing players have to destroy is this planet. In essence, it is a large circle with a fixed rotation orbit that is projected from the center of the earth to the center of the planet. Depending on the strength of the rocket, it can damage the ground. That depends on the depth of the Earth’s appearance and the size of the planet. The rocket is loaded automatically when you press the rocket command button and press the planet. This planet will continue to collapse until you can destroy the center of the planet through the screen. Each planet has different characteristics that require the use of powerful missiles. However, there are other ways to renew your energy. At the bottom of the screen is the power update indicator panel. Labels, amphibians, rockets, etc.

How to Install a Game

  1. Download the game on the page found in this article.
  2. Save game files in the file manager on the device
  3. Use unknown sources to ensure security
  4. Install the game directly and complete the process
  5. Enjoy

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