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Pastel Girl Mod – Is a game that asks you to decorate a girl and make it look as attractive as possible. To encourage appearance, there are a number of specifications used to add and change things such as the shape of the face, skin, face. You can choose various materials, clothes, coats, jackets, accessories, earrings, prints, items, and letters to suit your needs.

Some video options can work when you click. When finished, save up to three color combinations that can be changed or deleted to save the others. Pastel Girl provides an anime style of a girl with a pastel style and makes things fashionable. This game combines these tiles in a unique and detailed way.

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  • This game is an amazing, addictive and beautiful game.
  • Pastel Girl This is a fun, good and fun game that you will find very addictive.
  • This game is great for stress and really inspires everyone to try it.
  • Game controls It’s very easy to use and very easy.
  • This is the most beautiful game. Complete dresses in bright colors, pleasant clothes.

Pastel colors, flowing dresses and beautiful fabrics, just think about this. In this beautiful game you can have everything you need to dress up your beautiful girl as you wish. Pastel Girl lets you customize designs with your tools. All this to give your little girl a unique look to wake you up with a unique look. With so many colors and basics to choose from, you will be encouraged by this exciting game.

Game Characteristics

Pastel Soup Healing Game that decorates beautiful girls with pastel colors and backgrounds.
Drag the UI to drop clothes and items
Get rid of as much exercise as you can and make a big difference from the style you usually wear.
Clothing and accessories have amazing video content.
Complete your beautiful girl with clothes, accessories, earrings and tattoos.
Share arranged girls with your friends.

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  • New software features and additional features for free.

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  • Then wait until the download is complete

How to Install an Apk File

  • After downloading the Apk file, first write the Apk file on the device that you are using to the file manager.
  • First, activate an unknown source for security settings = proceed to steps >> select an option >> choose an
  • unknown source >> activate
  • Then install and install the Apk directly on your device.
  • Now you can open it anywhere and anytime
  • Finish and enjoy

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