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25 Juni 2019
Android 2.3 + Up

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Modern Combat 4 Zero Apk – Feel the power of the story and see both sides of the story by playing the famous character, Edward Page. Handle weapons with a powerful new movement system. Fight and take action around the world, from Antarctica to Barcelona.

Feel the chaos on the battlefield with beautiful visuals, animations, and powerful objects. The first Gameloft title game was provided by Havok Engine with impressive speed. Improvements were made for popular studios in the film industry.

Create online game profiles and optimization systems with more than 20,000 weapons systems. System Expert systems and new experts. Lead your personality on the Internet leaderboards with a new system. Find out all about MC4, the # 1 FPS Action game, at For all fans of the game, Multiplayer, FPS online games, and for every player who wants to dominate the battle.

Game Description

Modern Combat 4 Zero Apk is a fun game, a combination of fun and successful games. This game is made by Gameloft. Combat is about terrorists. As part of this fourth installment, you will play for both sides, so you can get a more complicated and deeper story. For modern players, you will be able to play interesting stories. Compared to the previous series, this series is more likely to be featured in action films. This image is high quality.

Each mission takes about 20 to 40 minutes depending on your difficulty and ability to play. Designed with full level of detail and can enhance the gaming experience that comes to this console. In addition to the ability to use various objects, they also jump. You can play from behind. That makes the Combat 4 game even more interesting.

History of the Modern Combat Game

After a disaster, Global Security belongs to an elite army. They are close. Terrible terrorist organizations must follow and save world leaders. In 12 missions, you can play characters that are opposite to Edgar Peach to experience various stories and storylines.

According to the story, the main theme of the war continues and players become soldiers again, saving the country from problems and maintaining world peace. From the life of a famous soldier to the great Marshall, he will restore this beautiful process. This time it was bigger and worse when the president was kidnapped. The specific story is about the destroyer, not the players.

Extraordinary Graphics in a Game

Developers have the opportunity to start creating games in the future, this option can be safely disabled in the Settings application. In addition, innovation must include the awaited multiplayer.

The graphics are amazing. Finally, Gameloft is more sophisticated with machine tuning. After removing the favorite version of HAVOK help, the game gets a great console. The structure and effects can be very visual, but this image can cause a lot of pressure on the device. This also adds a little interaction with the scent of the game. So when you need to use close-up tactics, the main character gets into the situation and the action is very impressive.

This game uses the Havok physics engine to create natural deaths. This means that when an enemy attacks, he will not immediately fall, but will make painful movements. After bleeding, the player will appear when red blood flows from the surface. Background sound, a lot of effort to make the whole game truly imitate.

The original Modern Combat 4 for programming and visual effects; However, he continues to use the popular game series for smartphones and tablets and can tempt users for hours.

How to Install Modern Combat 4

  1. Download Game Files on the link
  2. Save the file in the file manager
  3. Enter and copy the “admin / obb” in it.
  4. Enable unknown sources when they appear
  5. Enter the game.
  6. Done

Modern Equipment Needed 4

  • 1 GHz CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • Android 205 GPU or equivalent
  • Available storage: 1.9 GB

The newest

  • Small Adjustment.

Strong Character and Challenging Level

Simply put, at the game level, players will use the most powerful weapons to kill from beginning to back. CCP is a 12 step process that can be closed as simple as 10 hours. There are three main ways to kill an enemy: long range shooting; Limp Using Assist Weapons Long-range shooting is the essence of the game. Players can do many things and they can play.

If a player approaches the enemy, the system will automatically shut down. In the lower right corner of the sword, you can start a bloody shot. Playing additional weapons is responsibility and opportunity. Unmanned Vehicles Air attack vehicles and other attack aids. When the game moves slowly, some special scenes will compete and the game will continue. To do a button similar to an action.

The character of the two lines is drawn to one of the main bright spots. Participants in the game not only saved the US president, but also played the role of a terrorist organization. This arrangement helps players to understand the story better, even without understanding English, they understand the root causes of the playing field. Needless to say, someone who is adept at decorating two corners doesn’t need to say that players can enjoy the game even though they can change settings.


Modern Combat 4 continues to be the first marksman for Android. This part of the game has much better graphics and physics engine, and has a complete story. All of this sounds like a popular CoD game; But this time on the surface of a mobile device.

Game does not change with the last game. On which shoulder do users place important missions to prevent nuclear war? This game is translated into Russian and follows the development of interesting plots. Designers and artists find it difficult to find replicas and other items that are very responsible for this game. Download this exciting game now.

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