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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – One of the tense games full of challenges and with the battle royale mode 99 players, feel a different sensation when trying to defeat your opponent with a variety of abilities and skills that are hard to match such as fighting human characters that are so real but the need to survive to be a sensation alone in playing one character in this game, of course, with the achievement of victory in defeating other opponents.

Search for and gather friends form into a compact team to fight cruel enemies, then make your choice to a formidable warrior to incapacitate enemies with fierce and exciting resistance decorated with flashes of the power of the weapons you have, create exciting games in just 10 seconds and Fight for 10 minutes in a difficult place in the forest, in the hallway, then smash the tower in full force with friends in a solid team.

Game Player

Legends Bang Bang car, is an arena game and mobile device with MOBA type and was developed by Moonton developers who quite dominated the game world at its launch and had become one of the trends and came with an exciting and challenging Klona League complete with interesting features found in this genre game and success adds excitement to play.

Start the game by fighting against 5 enemy characters with the same number of teams that you have and use tactical control on the screen of your android phone, defeat the enemy enemies who come in with different strengths, with strong and challenging fortifications, and repair places then manage their minions and excellence.

  • Enjoy Challenging Free Games

Car Legends Bang Bang is a game that is also available Free to play, but the benefits of Monetization System also affect the aesthetic improvements for players who have high sensitivity and sensitivity and are able to achieve a victory by using the mind and strength that certainly belongs to the character being played.

  • Complex playing field

Find enemies with friends in your group in places that are quite difficult and complicated in dangerous aisles and wilderness that can create an exciting and challenging game atmosphere by using the best skills using the best available weapons and make your choice to win the game because if not You will experience a defeat that judges that you are not a great player.

  • Dazzling Weapons and Great Character Skills

Use Weapons Weapons of your choice with its own strengths that must be utilized in the Face to Face battle against enemies who roam and wait to execute you in unexpected ways and create insults to the defeat you experience.

Choose from many of your self-representative characters that you like and with consideration of the great strengths and skills of these characters to ensure balanced resistance and winning tricks that can help you and your group in winning glorious victories and many times.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Features and Benefits

  • Classic MOBA Maps (Fight 5v 5), fight spontaneously against real enemies and try to achieve victory
  • Strategy and Team Work, Resistant to attack, control the enemy, help treat friends, protect the team by becoming MVP
  • Fighting Balancedly, Winning unlimited wins, go smart to overcome opponents who are always lurking and play to winners
  • Simple Control, use the left Stick and the skill on the right stick, control the character you choose to win
  • 10 seconds create the game and 10 minutes into the battle that must be won, from low to high levels
  • Offline AI help can help when signal delays occur


To note if Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a game that can be installed on an Android device with Free (Free) and played with Free too, it is possible if you want in-game purchases for some paid items, if you don’t want to use this you must Reset your password to access the Google Play Store.



Can this Mobile Legends Bang Bang game be installed on all Android devices:

No, this game can only be downloaded and installed on Android devices version 4.2+ only, to avoid slow effects on your phone

Can this Mobile Legends Bang Bang game be played in groups:

Yes, this game can be played by forming in-game groups

Can this Bang Legends Mobile Game be played by children:

Provisions for children who are at least 15 years old can play this game, so the answer is Yes

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