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10 Januari 2020
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Mobile Legends Adventure Mod – In this game, elements and attack tactics are better at placing players to win teams. Therefore, it also aims to listen to the system based on the layout so that they can adjust the lines associated with each project.

It is impossible to create a strong group because it is based on individual circumstances. When playing, there is a need to balance the workload to match the things in the group. It depends on the player’s control over it, so it really helps the user to change what determines the outcome of the game.

Play game

Players will be able to provide great resources even when abroad Hiding soldiers and soldiers is a battle to make motorists move, Spend 10 minutes every day so you can achieve this dream goal.

Many Programs

  • Collect and promote tools and controls
  • Promotion Area
  • Gather, build, fight Stronger than the strongest way
  • Many Game Players
  • Join to challenge other players
  • Follow up with your friends and challenge the enemy


  • Lancelot

Was a hit man who bore all the pain because of the attack. He is very tough but he can be a hero now in the game.

With his expertise at Punction, he is able to control the enemy in the back line due to multiple injuries. Thanks to the latter, which caused a lot of damage, as well as its surveyors, due to the large Duff Debuffs on the target, Lancelot was able to handle it.

  • Alice

The black female rapper is known as Regen / Damage, who is brave and a good DPS to handle.

The last port is located at the enemy base, creating an AOE size that gives the first attack to all enemies in the unit, and the attack continues for two seconds to 5 seconds.

And he healed it with a portion of his Strength. Emphasize the power of Alice and her supplements by gathering some electrical power for each skill used.

  • Estes

Support the unity of objects by lowering the hand, the best fighter of its kind to the target. Basic skills and first-hand work skills – they store 1-3 potions and over 5 seconds, Estes and interacts with her coworkers.

  • Angela

Although not as strong as Estes, Digital Marketing and Recovery / Web sites are still very competitive. The last is to keep it connected for up to 12 seconds, turn off the power of the last Division II, and protect it from injury. If he is not protected from his coworkers, Angela manages to throw attacks on enemies and allies, injuring the first and healing the last.

  • Gatot Kaca

This Command Line with Power / Engagement is the strongest part of the game. Not only is he living a good life, but his good skills get him a home run. The Ultimate Gatotkaca allows him to jump in the middle or return to the attacker, because 2 of his skills use ATK to a minimum.

  • Akai

This is the Marti Affinity Tank that works for CC, with the only injury occurring in her stomach. Although not like Gatotkaca, Akai defeated more formidable opponents. Martial arts skills showed him the skills he used in battle, which were far superior to his endurance.

Game Control

The MLBB Learning License Game, the official series on True Freedom, the hero of a complex update will lead to various projects in this new Idle game!

The game works with a captive system that contains five titles. Inside, the player must prepare the talent and carry the course of the battle and the game time because the time and location of the skill is determined.

Appears in the five generator system when touching the first 10 games in the game. The number continues to increase and over time the game continues to improve because players build different teams.


  • Channels for various languages ​​have been added to chat.
  • Increase more Starlight Rewards.
  • Add a picture of the Game Card Players can find great information from players and other players.
  • It runs very fast.
  • Activate all functions. Reducing the use of rams
  • Machines that have been upgraded at the time of the request to increase resources.


Mobile Legends Adventure Mod Apk is Free for Android v.1.1.18 and explore additional stores that we must use. Unlike the original Bang Bang Legends Moonton Mobile Adventure is a non-RPG game with variations of the Gacha genre – it contains a beautiful collection of heroes.

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