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20 Februari 2019
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Latest Mobile Legend Kuroyama Mod Apk – Have you ever played the Mobile Legends games application? This application is already familiar, even though you don’t like playing games. Because of the many Android users, this legendary mobile application is included in the golden age category.

Mobile Legends application is a game that has a variety of interesting game features that can make you feel at home in front of the Smartphone that you have. You can download the application directly from Playstore then install Kuroyama Legend Mobile Mod. Why do you like the mod version better than the official version? The answer is in the description below.

Game Play

In playing this mobile legend, you must first choose a hero. Then you have to develop equipment, skills, and items that suit the hero. Each character has different characteristics, so the players must be careful and observant when using it.

In this legend mobile application you will play in a team, so you are required to support each other. These characters have the characteristics of witches, murderers, sagittarius, tanks, and fighters.

What is Kuroyama Mobile Legend

In this mobile legend, the higher the level and ability, the harder it is to defeat the hero. The use of skin and teeth can also improve the ability of the hero. But it would be very risky if the novice player played only to raise the level without understanding the rules of the game.

The legendary kuroyam.a mobile application is a mod apk is the work of the work of a character named kuroyama. The name refers to the person who successfully added and improved the official features of this mobile legends.

What do you get after installing this mod application? What you get is an enemy map, so you are able to detect enemies quickly. You have the risk of being trapped or getting into a trap when playing this game.

With this Mobile Legend mod you can detect where your enemies are and the ability to evade becomes stronger. Because other players have also seen your whereabouts from a distance, so it is likely that a sudden attack will come from the enemy. This feature is very useful for beginners who want to increase the level of the game. And you can imagine if you just started the game, you will immediately lose.

In playing this legend, you need time to adapt, because experienced players will attack lower level players.

The use of this mod will not be detected by other players even though they already use it, so immediately decide to install this mod.

Excess features of the Kuroyama Legend Mobile Mod

  • Safe and has no effect on the official version of mobile legends.
  • Able to see the enemy’s whereabouts without being detected by the enemy
  • Prevent the risk of ambushes and the risk of entrapment when farming.

The advantages of the above features are the reasons why you need this Kuroyama Mod Mobile Legend. Besides that you will find out that the enemy is in the area that you are exploring.

The enemy will be in a different mode when you play this game, so you have prepared to block the attack or avoid enemy radar.

How to Install Kuroyama Legend Mobile Mod

  • The first step is to download the Kuroyama mod application
  • Disable unknown features, choose one
  • Search for the APK file and select it, the download process takes place
  • Open the Kurayama Mod and play as instructed

Apk is a file that is commonly used by users to install games or applications. This mod is safe and has no effect on the official version of Mobile Legends on your device.

There are two applications with the same name, but one of them has additional features. Make sure your device meets the minimum requirements before installing Kuroyama Legend Mobile Mod.

Thus a review of the Mobile Legend Kuroyama Mod. Watch this cool game, and hopefully all of you are entertained.

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