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10 Januari 2020
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Lineage 2 Revolution Mod Apk – There are many types of games at the moment. Various genres are increasingly dominating the world of gamers. But you need something more just playing. It’s not just fun and excitement that is sought when playing with games of any genre. But sometimes we need a different atmosphere that can provide its own satisfaction in playing a game. Not all games provide services like that, even sometimes many games have the same plot. So that gamers often feel boredom in playing and there is nothing more challenging.

But different things are available in this one game. Lineage 2 Revolution, will give you a different playing atmosphere than others. This game presents challenges in playing spectacular and extraordinary action. In addition, the flow in this game is quite interesting and cool, because there are various challenges that must be solved by gamers. This is what makes this game worthy of attention from many users. And don’t be surprised if this game then gets many downloads from various links that provide it.

This game will soon be using a global release which opened in early 2017, which will be released in South Korea for the first time this year. Lineage2 Revolution for Android will use interesting patterns and characters besides this game offers a pvp feature where you face other players, so this game is a single or group battle. Download Lineage2 Revolution Mod Apk for Android, with features similar to the PC version itself, such as Man, Dark, Elf and Dwarf, which you can choose from. You can experience exciting adventures so you can fight against monsters or players in real life. You can also develop characters such as elite prisoners and others.

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Lineage 2 Revolution Mod Apk is a new online role playing game that provides mobile devices of the highest quality visuals, massive battles in the open world, and high volume PvP. Players can finally experience what it means to have a beautiful, visible, and enduring MMORPG that millions of people around the world can enjoy like in the palm of your hand. Enter a fascinating new world by creating amazing images from Unreal Engine. Experience intense open battles where up to 200 players can fight in real time on one screen.

Spend with strangers or form clans with friends to conquer epic dungeon attacks, get rid of boss fears, or compete with thousands of other players around the world. It is time for a new hero to emerge, start a new chapter in history, and save the world from eternal darkness. Fight against other players in real-time PvP battles, open terrain, or epic battles through the 50 vs 50 Fortress Siege competition. Lineage 2 Revolution pushes the boundaries of what is possible graphically. Testify with images that have never been seen on your mobile device.

Explore a vast, beautiful, and fertile world that allows thousands of players to explore, discover and conquer all at once. Gather with friends and teammates or spend it with thousands of other players around the world to defeat epic bosses, participate in PvP table battles, and find prey in the epic attack dungeons.

Interesting Game Plane And Great Graphics

Like other MMORPGs, in Lineage 2 the Revolution player starts by choosing one of four character classes to start. Character classes include humans, dark fairies and dwarves. They belong to different genres such as warriors, magicians, archers. Interestingly, this game allows you to change some small details, such as hairstyles, clothes. You are better off doing the tasks provided by the game. Practice your martial arts and unlock all 5 skills by killing bosses and monsters.

From the first moment, this game presents fun colors and sounds of the game. In a world full of the sounds of monsters and death, all you can do is stay alive killing monsters. With the Lineage 2 mission system, you can quickly master the action of the game. During each mission, the value and experience gained will be spent on improving your equipment and buying several accessories to help you strengthen.

The game also gives players a lot of experience such as underground adventures, real-time PvP battles, clan wars for up to 60 people at once. Like many MMORPGs, this game is available with automatic attacks. Apart from that, this game also allows players to fight with their clans. Another important feature is that you can talk with your clan friends by turning on the microphone.

Features Available in Lineage Games 2

  • Renew the siege castle
  • Increased maximum score
  • New Mount Pet added
  • New Giran area added
  • Address system added
  • System Workshop added
  • Prison difficulty added
  • High quality graphics
  • The best graphic quality is updated on
  • Real Machine
  • Biggest fight
  • Great victory without limits in the open world
  • Real-time Party
  • Full scale with open environment
  • Real-time PvP battle on Epic scale
  • Different ingredients and growth systems
  • Full of features like Elite Dungeon and Herb Dungeon
  • Get great strength
  • And others

Revolutionary Mode

  • All unlocked
  • Ad deleted

How to Install the Game

  1. Download the game file from the link that provides or from the download button in this article
  2. Then save the file into the file manager in the device
  3. Activate unknown sources first to verify security
  4. Install the game directly into the device and complete the process
  5. Open and play the game
  6. Done

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