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10 Januari 2020
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Knock Balls – For some people, playing simple games is fun. Therefore, these people did not choose a game genre that was as complex as tactics and the role of the open world. Daily games have become effective entertainment for them during breaks, daily work and fatigue. This is why VOODOO is a recognized and trusted brand. and players can easily find simple games when they want to play.

Knock Balls was last updated yesterday, allowing players to experience more levels than before. In addition, this game offers a visual environment where the players can truly experience the physics of what is happening in the game. To gain popularity all over the world, gamers have adjusted their capabilities and efficiency with all the smart devices in the world.

The game is very simple and almost identical to the award-winning festival shooter. Players are armed with weapons and keys in front so you can throw them away. One of the games that is more common than this is that you can’t upgrade weapons. Manufacturers focus on game systems, not just gameplay variations. What is adapted and developed in this game are blocks of many shapes and colors. Then it becomes very difficult to throw these blocks. Therefore, players must be careful in capturing the weakness of the front stomach. Reducing it all consumes fewer balls and more points.

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There are 6 assistants in each level. This is six levels of the number of buildings that must be abandoned. In the end, there are large building blocks that are difficult to bury and are called acquaintances. The level and number of the game will continue to increase until the mass of the missing game wins. In turn, the number of balls is limited. Even when the work is done, the work does not end.

Game graphics also make players interesting. The background color of the ball on the ball changes because of the physical effects that the ball interacts with. Apart from point kicks and shots and specially designed effects, it gives players a softer feeling.

New Game From Voodoo

The latest arcade game can now be downloaded on PC and Mac. This game reminds you of other popular games, like Angry Birds, or Star Wars II Free, where players face firearms and destroy most structures before using ammunition. Challenge yourself in all 66 random game levels and win your victory!

The game has great graphics and visual effects that will keep you playing for hours. This entertaining game also presents a challenge for you to conquer blocks using a limited number of cannons. And as you continue to play, challenges will become more serious for the challenges you face. If you are looking for an easy way to break this structure, read the tips and tricks! But remember that if you have the right strategy, there is no level of difficulty.

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There are no bonuses for opening hit balls online and there is no monetary system. So you have enough to complete the challenge of unlocking new items. Updates will be available in the future, so stay tuned, who knows what the tablet’s design will be like? This game offers a lot of fun and surprises, so don’t limit yourself to what is possible now.

If your goal is only one block, then chances are you will only be blocked if luck is not on your side and you can print the block. But if you go to the center of separation between two insurance companies, you will have the opportunity to reach two blocks with one hit.

Existing Features in the Game

Knock Balls not only stimulate adrenaline but also reduce your sensation. Enjoy when you paint original color blocks without hassle. Here the game features bright colors and unique shapes that can appeal to all players and provide maximum satisfaction. There are many buildings that you need to destroy the pyramids, castles and more.

Make sure you don’t get into complex controls. To start the game, you only need to aim for two blocks, and with perfect targeting skills. You can shoot blocks in just one shot and just use it. Several rounds. With these simple controls, you will definitely return to this game.

Get ready to shoot and drop lots of blocks on hundreds of difficult levels. Each step is marked by a difficult period until you reach the boss stage. The structure will be increasingly complex at all levels. It is a good idea for you to try to complete as many pills as possible while you are still in the first stage of the procedure. Tips & Warnings Bass levels are easier than other stages, maybe because you have enough battles left to enter the boss stage. Medium weapons are usually the most difficult, so make sure. You shoot with the right tactics so you don’t miss a shot and don’t use ammo.

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