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Island Pioneer – Is a game that competes with teams of up to 100 players to defeat it on a large island full of weapons. The game ends when all players are left alone, meaning that only the good can win. Unlike other games like PUBG or Fortnite, on Pioneer Island you have to control your character from an ionic perspective so you can get a shorter look. This feature makes the game more lively, and battles faster and more intense.

Fortunately, you have a variety of weapons that can range from rifles to machine guns, swords and electric axes. When you start playing on Pioneer Island, you can change your character. Choose from the main models of two women and two men, and change hair and face, and clothes. During the tour, you can also collect equipment and accessories. Island Pioneer This is a great game that gives you a faster and faster game play experience than other types of games. Each round lasts about 15 minutes. And to add it to the game, everyone also has cool graphics. Requirements

Shortly after it was released the game topped the Taptop App Store. Pioneer Island is a survival game combined with a classic MMA section that promises to create exciting moments. As we know, PUBG Mobile is a leading mobile game. Now we have options like Quantum Special Attack, Rules of Survival but these games have styles and games similar to PUBG. If you want to find a game that makes a difference, a lot of improvement, especially if combined with MOBA Pioneer Island, is your first choice.

The description of Game Pioneer Island

Unlike most other survival games on the market today, Pioneer Island is in the original location of one of the most famous islands in the United States. However, the developers have created the island in a cartoonish way, giving players more excitement and excitement than other survival games. The map game is reminiscent of MOBA games like Valor Arena and Wineglory. But the design is similar to the typical MOBA game that many people play. The grassland forest is very familiar.

This difference is gradually seen when the players move from the island to the haunted ship. You can go home to look for a boat, ride a boat and go to another island. The map of the game is very big so you can’t leave the game. The manufacturer does not promote the actual card distance, but as we have seen. The Pioneer Island game is similar to other survival games. Your task is to destroy all other opponents on the island. Use the most sophisticated weapon, hide behind it and finish off your opponent faster. However, be careful because you can reach others at any time.

The game gives you different character classes, each with different abilities. This is one of the most interesting, and it makes the game more unique than other survival games. As soon as you enter the game, you will create your favorite character. Use this character for the next battle. Remember that using lots of characters in the game will make you more flexible in this character, but there are still many characters that you can explore and open to get a good fighting experience.

Game Release From Net Ease

The newly released Pioneer Island is only available for iOS via the AppStore, and an Android version will be released soon. The game plan of the island has long been associated with Net Ease, and after releasing several times, they have released the game for the players’ experience. The size of the game isn’t too big, 506MB is suitable for many smart devices today. The game will take you to a very beautiful island, where there will be interesting battles. You can cross the big island with other players and face many challenges and disasters. If you want to live on this island, you have to fight to win. Go and fight, you have to beat everyone, you will be a beneficiary of this game.

As mentioned above, this game has now become a survival game, which is very interesting in some parts of mobile gaming. This game will bring you a fun game mode like normal loneliness, easy battle mode. As a replacement for the control system, the Island Pioneer game has been updated like other MOBA games, with attack buttons, weapon changes, and navigation buttons for all other models. It’s very simple, if you have played other MOBA games, you will get used to it quickly.

However, due to the lack of advanced features, the size of the game won’t be too big, which might excite you when your device requires a high level. Even though it is only a 2.5D image, the game still offers amazing views and real life. At the same time, the sound system appears in many ways, giving the game more power.

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