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Iroot Apk – Offering the simplest way to rooting on your Android device, that is, this application will allow you to rooting your smartphone or tablet with just one tap on the screen of your smartphone. Here, we have provided all versions of the Android iroot application (iroot.apk) that have been released until now.

If you are looking for an easy way to root your Android phone or tablet, then using the Android iRoot application is the best choice now. The iroot.apk or iRoot Android application was developed by the same team that previously released the Windows iRoot application, which is being used by many people to boot their Android devices.

What is Iroot Apk

IRoot Apk is an application that allows you to uninstall smartphones up to version 5.0 from the mobile operating system. With this application, we can change application settings and enhance our smartphone into more intimate activities such as saving battery life, installing bloatware on our devices, backing up or speeding up our processors.

Meanwhile, there are several applications that allow us to run this process without connecting our device to a Windows computer and through a fully functional process, such as iRoot.

Restart the Device

Downloading an APK file for this application that is not available on Google Play allows us to complete Android step by step, just need to tap on the big button on the interface, wait a few minutes for the automatic process to do all the work, restart the phone when asked, and see if everything works properly .

However, this type of application has weaknesses and before using the operating system it might not work or the cellphone might stop working. Finally, before trying this program, you should know that the developer’s website contains a list of all smartphones and tablets that are compatible with the application (although the list may not be 100% current.)

The Best Iroot Rooting Application

Currently there are several applications that allow us to root without connecting the phone to the Windows desktop and using the automatic method. With this application we can change the working system configuration and deepen our smartphones to do fun things like storing batteries and removing bloatware on our computers, providing backup or speeding up our computers.

Applications such as Windows PC iRoot, Android iRoot are made by the same developer Shenzhen, for Android or even iRoot for PC. This is one of the best root applications available for Android phones and Windows computers to get instant root access. If you are looking for an easy way to root your Android smartphone or tablet, using the iRoot Android application is now the best choice.

Iroot Installation Requirements

  1. The operating system must be between Android 3.0 or more
  2. Windows single platform computer (only for PC users)
  3. To connect to a PC cable with a smartphone
  4. Install the latest USB device software driver.
  5. Keep the battery more than 50%
  6. Installing an application with an APK file requires activation of the “Unknown Source” path under Settings> Applications.

Iroot Apk Android feature

  • Easy Rooting

The iRoot Android application allows you to rooting your Android device with one tap on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. So far, this is the easiest way to root your device.

  • Application Recommendations

After you have finished booting your Android device with iRoot, it offers application recommendations. All these recommended applications if used will improve the performance of your smartphone or tablet.

  • Internet Connection Required

Unlike Kingroot or Framaroot, iRoot requires an internet connection to root your Android device. So, after installing iroot.apk on your device, you must activate an internet connection before using it to boot your device.

  • No Data Loss

If you use the iRoot android application to boot your smartphone or tablet, you don’t need to worry about losing data because the rooting procedure that involves iRoot.apk is not a data loss process.

Iroot Advantages Apk

  • Best One Click Root APK for Android Devices without PC
  • IRoot APK for Android devices is the easiest, with just one click on “Root”, you can immediately boot your Android. Excludes complicated or technical skills.
  • Safe to Use, without Blocking Your Device, the highest level of success ensures security using Android iRoot on your device. No more worries about bricking your Android device.
  • IRoot is the best way to boot your Android device, rooting the device is always a complicated process, so do it carefully and be aware of the risks involved.

File Info

  • The latest version of this program is 3.4.9.
  • The package
  • Size 12.4MB.
  • Support Android 3.0+ versions
  • DPI NODPA support


  • Like other rooting tools, using the iRoot application to boot your Android device will void the warranty. So, think carefully before using the iRoot tool.
  • Like the Windows iRoot application, the iRoot android application has been created by the same developer Shenzhen.
  • If you are looking for ways to rooting your Android device using the Windows iRoot application, check the Windows iRoot application page first.
  • If the application does not boot your device, try the alternative one-click rooting application as another option as below:

-> Framaroot

-> 360 Root

-> KingRoot

-> Root Genius For Mobile

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