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13 Juni 2020
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Intra Apk – Having trouble accessing a banned site? Try Intra, Jigsaw DNS Solver. Jigsaw itself is a business unit of the parent company Google Alphabet. In terms of functionality, Intra is basically a DNS solver application that prevents users from accessing DNS. But when a computer is connected to the Internet, it becomes more difficult to remember computer addresses based on numbers.

Found that it is easier for people to remember numbers. Since then, the concept of addresses on computers is based on numbers. So if you type “”, the browser will know whether the address is the computer where our website is located (the IP address is

Likewise, we need a system that translates computer addresses into real IP addresses with a dot. Now has Google, CloudFlare, Dean and many other DNS settlement services.

Definition of Intra

Intra Apk is a program that can test new DNS services via HTTPS, which encodes domain name searches and prevents you from disturbing your network. Currently only compatible with CloudFlare and Google DNS services, but future updates will add new services.

After launching Intra, the program protects DNS and connects it through secure communication. In this way, you can significantly reduce the possibility of you or your browser accessing a site that does not mean the site is blocked or monitored.

Internal tool with many useful features and a simple and effective introduction. Each user will start using it in seconds without problems. Requirements

This protects you from DNS interference, which is a site that limits access to news websites, social media platforms, and information programs. Intra will protect you from multiple scams and malware attacks.

Intra does not slow down your network connection and does not limit data usage. Even though you are protected from DNS interference, Intra does not protect against attacks and other complex prevention techniques.

Your request is encrypted to the DNS server, so information cannot be intercepted or disturbed. In other words, the Intra DNS server protects your privacy while increasing the security of your computer / smartphone.

This is because state actions during site blocking are due to the fact that the site is blacklisted. This list is used by Internet service providers (ISPs) to block certain websites.

How to Install Apk Files

  • After making sure the application has been downloaded, save the file immediately into the device file manager
  • Activate unknown unknown partner for security verification with stages = settings> unknown source> select> Activate
  • Open the file manager and find the application file that you want to install earlier
  • Install the application directly into the internal SD cellphone
  • Complete the installation process correctly
  • Open and run the application
  • Done

How to use Intra

  • You downloaded Intra APK
  • After you install the Intra application, you only need to open the application. The confirmation box seems to make a special connection to this interior. After good pressure, the interior becomes active.
  • Hand lock: Make sure the internal connection point is made. Right: You can choose a program that does not require interconnection
  • After we try it, Intra usually opens banned websites, like or
  • If this happens, you do not need to configure the program via Intra. A number of applications appear on your smartphone, and you can choose not to bypass internal services.
  • Application Characteristics
  • Websites have free access to sites and programs that are blocked by DNS brokers
  • Unlimited data usage and internet connection speed will not slow down
  • Keep your information confidential – Intra does not track the programs you use or the websites you open.
  • Configure your own DNS server provider – use your own provider or choose from a variety of well-known
  • providers
  • Source of conclusion
  • Really new
  • Add three new servers


Intra is open source software that can safely access online users. In the process of browsing, we open each site, for example, buy it in the address bar, and then send a request to find the source of the IP address requested from the mobile device. And this is done by protecting the user inside the tool, such as from redirecting the URL.

By encrypting this DNS connection. Appropriate authorization must be given for a complete and comfortable application after the first delay. This important component feature is the pursuit of a VPN network connection and is displayed on the screen as shown. The main window of the tool has an active button – a special slider, which, once turned on includes, provides a network connection, which avoids DNS attacks.

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