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23 April 2019
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Into The Dead Mod – This is a game with zombie enemies that must be defeated. Players must run in an environment full of zombies and move left or right to leave. The player has no choice but to go ahead and do his best before he dies. Weapons can be extracted from the crates file if the player is walking.

Into The Dead, has thrown you into the world of attractive zombie apocalypse without a second chance. Do what you need to do to survive, continue as fast as you can, and protect yourself in a meaningful way. This is a very dynamic game that requires you to pay close attention, the road to the game opens immediately, your helicopter crashes, and you are the only one who survived the fog and some zombies, and they run as fast as you can and you yourself Game reduction it has amazing graphics and very simple controls.

Spend time exploring the post-devastating world when villains cover the earth. Find yourself in this unique running game. Zombies never seem to be interested in new adventures. What would you do if you suddenly woke up after a terrible plane crash and were surrounded by bloodthirsty zombies who only wanted your flesh? The main thing happened to the character.

Game History

The players Into The Dead are accustomed to a simple but addictive game where you have to help your character survive in this devastating world. Please stay away from obstructions or play games. And unlike other games where the only thing you can do is escape, Dead also allows players to take up arms and eliminate the evil zombies in that genre. In other words, you can choose from dozens of evil weapons, including knives, weapons, and saws.

They crossed the zombie swords and tried to find out. Increase the level of difficulty with difficult and fast zombies. Travel to various destinations including unique places to visit. For the first time, players will have the opportunity to engage in interesting tasks with the dead. Throw yourself into a group of corpses that will find their way. Use wild weapons to calm them and avoid attacks. Be fast at your feet and perfect with your attacks to escape from this very intriguing world.

Simple Gameplay

Gameplay can be very simple, players will still be able to thank the game for being addicted to death. Spend time exploring the world as you travel to various destinations, perform unique tasks, and tell stories. In addition, simple controls make the game more accessible.

Into The Dead, also gives you dozens of fantastic weapons to fight zombies. Choose between different shipping or cleaner weapons, and there are some poisons that work on the trash can. Make the right choice for you and try it when you leave. Unlike other walking games, your main goal in this game is not to deal with zombies but to explore them and collect hidden secret keys. You can then choose from hundreds of different missions and challenges. In addition, they also provide a good opportunity to collect some of the best weapons.

In addition, this game offers interesting achievements that you can complete. Kill several zombies with certain weapons, complete the steps within a certain time, and so on. You can also find great gifts that aren’t available anywhere.

Supports Different Suggestions And Devices

To improve the overall playing experience and improve the game, PIPPOK developers present different game images with different images. So you can easily enjoy great games on smartphones, tablets or more portable games. And if you believe in your abilities, you can also take part in the competition. Compete with zombie runners from all over the world on board. Choose and win valuable prizes from many meetings.

Apart from that, you can add your social accounts to this game. This way you can see your friends playing this game. Visit their profile to check their progress, compete on different cards to win each other’s high scores. Another benefit of connecting your social account to the game is that you don’t have to worry about saved files, which are always safe. They say that every time your account is linked to a game, all your processes are stored online. So you can delete games, replace your cellphone.

Apart from all the interesting features, Into The Dead is still free for Android players. Therefore, even though purchases and advertisements are still very important

The newest

  • Thrilling humor with amazing vision and sound depicting zombie apocalypse
  • Unlock powerful weapons and large shields to help you survive
  • The mission is always challenging to overcome


  • Challenge your friends to get the highest score
  • Continue to innovate to provide channels, services and content

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This time

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Explanation Clearly explains why permission is needed when the game starts


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