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10 Februari 2020
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Hunter Assasin Mod Apk – As the name suggests, this game has an action gameplay that in this game the user is required to destroy the opponent. What’s interesting about this game is that players act unseen. Players must be able to take advantage of situations from the environment that exist in the game so as not to be seen by opponents. This game requires a strategy that is really mature and measurable. Why not the player must destroy opponents who have great weapons with surveillance in every corner. If the player off guard then it will be certain defeat will be experienced and of course it is not a pleasant thing. So what needs to be done is to defeat the opponent quickly then hide and go on to the next mission without being noticed.

Calls for action games are no longer disputed. This is best explained in games for action games that are generally interesting and tense. Hunter killer is one of them. However, what makes this game different is simplicity in game size. By clicking to enter the game, players will become assassins tasked with finding and destroying all enemy forces at their base. Alone, it is very difficult to deal with such a large enemy. Therefore, players at each stage need a unique strategy that mainly focuses on light.

The player controls the character by clicking on the target, and then the character will automatically move to the specified area. At each level, the terrain displayed is not the same. Stones or cracks can be rearranged with more difficult enemies. However, the obstacles above are actually your hiding place. Hide enemies in corners and skulls and create profits from them. To kill an enemy before, as a killer, the player must attack from behind to find out. However, things will not be easier because each phase increases the number of enemies.

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First, there will only be one, but then there will be two, three, and more. To steal, players must avoid finding out. After the player destroys one of the enemies, you will find the remaining enemy. It’s time for you to hide immediately. Once discovered, the character’s life is at stake, which means the player has to play again from the start. Each enemy will have a vision and light blow in front of them. If you enter this border area, they will immediately shoot you. This is why you need to destroy them from behind.

Although it is an attractive and attractive game, this game is very concise and lightweight, suitable for all models and has a low profile. Matches are displayed vertically with the top display. If you have ever played a bomb game like Bomberman, this game has the same look. After the game is finished, the player receives a Diamond Prize and the game currency depends on the level of perfection the player has made.

Money will be used to buy and unlock more classic killers to accompany the players to the upcoming matches. Even if you complete a certain number of levels, players can unlock them, and endless use will help players to get new companion characters to unlock them faster. The killer shop that carries the game has commented very differently. So do this to get the most diamonds and finish them quickly; Gather lots of soldiers from there.

How to Install the Game

  1. Search and download games from the links provided
  2. Save game files in the device file manager
  3. Activate security settings by selecting an unknown source
  4. Install the game directly and complete the process
  5. Open and run the game at will
  6. Done

MOD information

  • Endless Crystal
  • All characters are open

Features Available in the Game

  • Attractive and stunning graphics
  • The voice is clear and clear
  • Cool and great character
  • The flow of the game that stimulates adrenaline
  • Relatively low capacity
  • When and where can be played
  • Broad range and free expression
  • And others

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