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Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy – From Bennett Foddy is a tough action game that allows you to control the hero sitting in the pot. In this game, you control the protagonist and your job is to guide him through all the problems and solve the top of the game. All you have to do is overcome obstacles, which are climbing trees, climbing hills, and high mountains. If you make one mistake, that’s even higher. Learn about your culture and mother-in-law and get good results.

You have always been your worst enemy since this battle. When you start to weaken your hand due to pressure trying to keep the blood clots where the rats start fighting when you start absorbing the digestive tract like monkeys and killers. fire. don’t like that

The importance of staying calm in a game of aggression attracts undeniable anger! The thrill and bustle of your trip when you have just spent 20 minutes returning to the final stage when the bar lets you go down the mountain and pull your hair out. because when you calm down and see a barrier, you see that control is your best friend.

Play game

Geeting Over It with Bennett Foddy is an interesting game for PC / Android published by Bennett Foddy in 2017. Try it directly. You move the knob, and immediately. If you have to wait 3 seconds for a spell, you can move large and expensive secrets that are waiting for elite hunters to climb the top of the mountain.

Destruction of the highest mountain is nothing more than a hammer and a pot. Lost your progress, always. Wear a new kind of sadness that you never knew you could handle. Beautiful rewards await hunters when they reach the top.

Simple Graph

Amazingly, games with simple graphics, average graphics can make a fever around the world with tens of millions of downloads in just a few days. Developed by Bennett Foddy, Getting Over This is a game that blocks strange, fun and entertaining games. You can’t believe it, but try searching on Google with millions of results related to this game.

Feel the sensation in the game

When you first try this game. You will be stuck lower in the jar. The only thing you have is a rocking chair, and you have to control this person to climb the mountain with a rope to find the missing pants.

In addition to humor, the game from Getting Over It also brings obstacles such as Flappi Bird. There are many types of terrain in the game, and you only have one hammer to help you get here. You have to stick this hammer to any surface on the road like branches, cliffs, to advance as much as possible. Say it’s simple, but try to play, it’s not easy to say.

The reason this game is difficult is that obstacles and cliffs are dangerous and steep. If you don’t have the right tactics, you might be stuck for several days. Only a few mistakes can cause you to fall off a cliff and have to go back from the beginning. This will make you spend a lot of time here.

From Anonymous Games To Trends

Initially, when it was released on computers and smartphones, Getting Over It, like other titles, did not have a popular name. The turning point occurred when Pevdiepie – the most popular IouTuber in the world recorded a video playing this game. The excitement and difficulty of this game spread to millions of players around the world. Celebrities in the game world such as Faker, Huny, Pevdiepie also need time to master the tasks in this game. Rarely does a game have the power to make a big impact very quickly.

Available on Windows as well as Mac

This game will be available on Stream on 7/12/2017 here, but players can buy it through Humble. Supports getting multiple platforms on Windows, Mac and iOS; for Windows you will need Windows Vista or newer with at least 2GB of RAM and 2GB of memory, OR for Mac you will need 4GB of RAM and 2GB of memory and at least a GTKS 970 graphics card.

How to Install

  1. Download the Bennett Foddy cache
  2. Allow installation of books from unknown sources in the area
  3. Save the file format application
  4. Copy the cache file from the forest file to the SD / Android / obb / directory on the phone using File Manager >> (SD / Android / obb / cache_folder / * obb file)
  5. Application verification

In-Game Features

  • Large mountain climbing with only a handle and a pot.
  • Listen when I do a philosophical inquiry on this issue.
  • The average time limit to play is 5 hours
  • Lost all your progress, repeatedly.
  • Feel the new pressure that you never knew you could handle.

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