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Download the Latest Garena Free Fire – Survival ten minutes Free fire is a survival shooting game that is currently very booming and the best type of game that can be installed on an android mobile device and is based online which is currently a game that has a deadline for ten (10) minutes has managed to penetrate the number one hundred fifty million (150,000,000) times in downloads by users who love this one game.

This game will take you into a place like an island area that is shrouded from the crowd and put you into a situation where you have to defend your life by fighting against your enemies totaling up to dozens of people, you are required to find any way to defeat your enemies one by one one and must win this game to achieve unlimited fun presented in this one exciting game plot.

What Is Garena Free Fire

Free Fire is the best survival shooter game available on smartphones. This 10-minute game will take you to a desert island where you will fight more than 49 other gamers, hoping to survive to be the best. Players are given the freedom to choose a position and use a parachute, and the aim to stay in the safe zone when fighting as strong as possible. Drive a war vehicle to explore the vast map, hide in the trenches, or hide from being invisible in the savannah. Attacking, firing, by survival, only for one purpose, which is to survive in the battlefield and answer the call of duty.


It is an online-based Survive Shoot Game as explained at the beginning of the opening sentence, and one of many similar games that have a Survival Survival type like this, but what distinguishes it from most other games is the beginning of the game that is made in such a way that Reach the tense point and must complete the mission and answer the call of duty.

You may at any time start the game by jumping in a parachute, choosing the safest place possible to defend and fight for as long as possible, can use the ability to operate the vehicle to explore hiding in a place that is not seen by the enemy, attacking from behind or any means that bring it to the settlement point in-game mission.

Find Your Enemy

You can walk and run to find weapons of choice that can knock out opponents in one shot, using tools related to shooting and searching in this game so that you can perform tasks and missions well in order to survive with unlimited wins.

Great Opponent with a total of 50 people

One by one your opponents will find by searching and must be paralyzed with great shooting skills and the greatest skills you can rely on so that you become one of the best among the best in running and organizing cool games.

Squad 4 People and Enchanting Audio Sound

Arrange the game by finding friends for a team of just 4 people and do your shoulder to gain victory in defense against the enemy, communicate with audio every move to help each other with the team and achieve the pleasure of celebrating the greatest victory you have achieved together.

Garena Free Fire Features and Benefits

  1. Formula Rank Point Mod (Calculation) + Grand master
  2. Custom Room Mod Configuration
  3. Repairing Kit
  4. New Character
  5. Zone (Toxic)
  6. Zone (Hot)
  7. Automatic (Loot)
  8. Manual (Free Fire)
  9. Optimization Weapon (Weapons)
  10. New Graph
  11. Zombie (Invation)
  12. Up Death Uprising Mode
  13. New Skill (Ability)
  14. Good Sound System (clear sound)
  15. New skin
  16. New Plane
  17. Intelligence Icon
  18. New style
  19. New Emoticons
  20. Unlimited coin
  21. Unlimited Diamond

How to Download Free Fire

  1. The first step you must download related links first
  2. Then proceed with the Install application file then operate (Log In> Log Out)
  3. After that the Obb appears and you move the file to (OBB)
  4. Then you search for the Obb file contained in the available folder then copy it to (> Internal Storage> Android)
  5. Obb> com.dts.freefire.
  6. Continue to open the application permissions then select the permissions and then access the storage
  7. Play on
  8. Done



Can this Garena Free Fire game be played alone:

In this game we play a team of 4 people tasked with helping one another to defeat a large number of opponents and must be paralyzed with the ability to shoot at close range and long range, so it would be better if this game was played with friends who form a solid team.

Can this Garena Free Fire game be played by children:

In this game we will be brought to a tense game and a situation where we have to kill each other by shooting opponents to win the game, if under surveillance

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