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23 Desember 2019
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Gardenscapes – This game is designed in the form of stories every day, you will have various tasks to improve and build parks. You have to clean and place the bench so everyone can sit and relax. Then, plant more trees and decorate the garden more attractively.

If you have played Gardenscape – another Playrix Games product, you are familiar with this gameplay. Turning into a player with a passion for farming and gardening, your job will be to solve match-3 puzzles to collect coins and stars. Coins and stars are tools for you to restore and decorate the park, and also the two most important units that you need to accomplish by completing missions.

When people are tired, they often want to be in harmony with nature. All the same. Outdoor landscapes, farmhouses and lush green parks are always the first place people think of when they face life’s stress and want to get rid of it. Everyone wants to take care of their own plants, and enjoy fresh air.

Play game

Gardenscapes, is a fun game created by Playrix Games, where you want to rebuild a beautiful garden in a magnificent villa. You need to make benches, waterfalls, preservatives, statues, lamps, trees and other decorative elements to make your garden look unique. And you do that, continue a pleasant story with your butler.

Playing games in Gardenscape is relatively easy. You need money and stars to create new elements in your garden. To get money and stars, you must play a Match 3 mini game (such as Candy Crush or Baselwad). Whatever you do, you enjoy it.

There are more than 3 different levels in the game where you can unlock new characters and content. For your adventure, you can also find pet friendly.

Interesting Game With 3D Graphics

Playrix Games has always held fast to its own design policy, which is to make everything beautiful and true, and Gardenscapes is no exception. The game is designed on a 3D platform, giving you high realism for each picture. In addition, the game makes every detail beautiful and bright, suitable for relaxation. You might see little butterflies circling around flowers or little dog activity in the park, and Austin’s housemate movements are very real and funny.

Popular and exciting game

Popular games often remind us, but we often choose solid games for individual needs. Here, when it comes to gardening games, Gardenscapes (unlimited MOD coins) are like repetitive and enthusiastic games. And enjoy being accompanied by characters in entertaining games, including Austin, your butler, and a cute dog

With more than 200 challenging scenes, Gardenscapes really wants to play it all. In addition, new game modes are also updated through updates, ensuring that Gardenscapes is one of the best games in its class.

Get Unlimited Coin

Gardenscapes (MOD, unlimited coins) – Classic puzzle has three lines where you have to move the fruit. The system around the house needs to be updated to find new areas and decorate the park with various waterfalls and trees. This game has beautiful graphics and lots of space that allows you to create a pleasant environment.

Embark on an adventure journey. Beat the game level, make a different place in the park, rebuild and decorate various secrets that keep you in the game and save the picture as you wish.

Game Features

  • Addictive gameplay. Join the exciting adventure
  • Three levels from hundreds of unique games
  • Many game characters make friends with friends
  • This game has a social network that allows you to track everything
  • Different garden areas, each with its own structure.
  • Priority Community with your Facebook.
  • Great addictive game that you can also play offline.
  • Gardenscapes can be played for free, although some game items can be purchased

Gameplay Match-3

  • Gardenscapes 3
  • Beat level-3 matches
  • Gardenscapes 2
  • Restore and decorate various areas of the park
  • Funny graphics
  • Gardenscapes 4

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