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26 Desember 2019
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Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk – Is an extraordinary and interesting action game from the publisher Gameloft. On the touch screen gaming platform this game has been very dominating in its world, a game with the same manufacturer as Asphalt 8: Airborne, N.O.V.A Legacy. Gangstar Vegas, which is an integration of the ultimate racing game and the Grand Rock Theft Auto Rockstar Games series. Also interesting games that have already been launched in the game market.

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Is an exciting game the Gameloft manufacturer. With the Gangstar Vegas game action genre one of the most loved game series in the world to date. Nowadays people have been playing this game with enthusiasm, from the first version to the latest version. With about 10 different versions and 4 official extensions and many related modes, this game is on the throne of a series of off-site games.

Game History

In this third game you will play in the MMA Championship. But when your opponent hits you, the famous crime planner Frank Veliano falls. In a place where crime is rife, you must bring down weapons and engage in the worst mafia wars.

Entering Gangstar Vegas, the player arrives at the city of Singh, where crime is very strong. Maybe here, power is a fist, not a law. The dark plans from the Las Vegas area blend together to form a criminal paradise.

In this place, people must fight to live in peace. If you don’t have enough strength, how can you survive in a dangerous world like this game? Scary things like theft, gang warfare, zombie invasion, etc., are displayed to be a blockbuster story mode. With the biggest action scenes, car racing, and photoshoot, you have to fight the 80 hardest tasks in your life.

Become a Mafia Leader

You will incarnate as a Mafia boss in the game and many plans to dump you. Not only that, but you want it anywhere in the city. Get rid of those who stick to you behind and those who don’t respect you to get their land.

In this version of the game, the developer focuses on creating a mafia game experience. That is, the elements of underground action are often changed in situations where it is not possible to increase the level of drama in the game. Gradually get used to the content created with fast and fast action. Without time to adapt to them, there will be tragic consequences. This world of underground crime is not revealed to anyone.

So Interesting Graph

Real and sharp 3D graphics. Because of the high quality graphics used in this game, it is installed on your device so the size of this server will use up to 2.5 GB of space.

The character and movement of the car is optimized so that the player has the best experience, where the publisher also wants to confirm that this mobile game can be as good as a PC game.

Graphics made to date are also common in the gamer community. Products from this type of action game use it. Typical of this game is a combination of various types, such as action, adventure, driving, role play, covert action, real-time simulation in racing elements, and more. Therefore, players must have all the skills to run the game smoothly. The graphics must be flexible to show the complexity of the game, and the formation of characters must vary greatly. Each is integrated separately in terms of different speeds. Transitions and pieces use the same technique as action films.

How to Install the Gangstar Vegas Game

  1. Download game files on the link
  2. Save the file
  3. Enable unknown sources
  4. Open and play the game
  5. Done


  • If your device has the GLOft game, you will get an error that it’s not installed. Uninstall and install.
  • Unless you turn off the network connection when opening the game, it might be deactivated
  • How to Complete Your License
  • Before downloading the game, open Google Play to find and download the official Gangstar Vegas version.
  • After the download process starts (around 5-10 MB), cancel this process.
  • Next, install the APK from the website

In-Game Features

  • Looking for Molotov, gems and electric guitar!
  • Save] goods, including heavy trucks, muscle cars, and fighter jets
  • Improve your design and GEAR and change its appearance
  • Enjoy Skrillex, Kavinsky, Chromatics and many more amazing collections
  • This game supports phones and tablets on Android 2.3 and higher.

Additional Features In-Game

  1. Play as a mixed martial arts fighter (MMA) in the BLOCKBUSTER STORY model
  2. Make it through the 80s Your career is full of activities
  3. Ask the gangster team to take over Vegas and win the mafia wars
  5. Look at the BIGGER city, 9x pixels from the previous Gangstar game
  6. Create heavy features and layout using HAVOK TABLES
  7. Get BASICS basics including air, water & road racing, MMA fights & more
  8. Become the best photographer in Vegas at Carnage & Heist Ways
  9. Destroy the banks in the CASINO GAMES collection

The newest

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  • Funky Rebel School’s competitors are in a backward challenge.
  • Meet foreign technology in an advanced covert attack.
  • Silent Night Maintain a map where you can find hidden items to unlock powerful tools.

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