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Fallout Shelter Mod Apk – is a free simulation game for Android, iOS, Windows and Ksbok One devices. This game was released by Bethesda Game Studios in 2015, with the help of Interactive Behavior in its development. The appeal of the game stems from Fallout’s actions in the context of the apocalyptic world, where people find ways to survive after the nuclear bomb disaster. Since its launch, the game has quickly gained popularity among players and critics. No wonder this game has received so many awards, including Google Play Best of 2015, the Mobile Game of the Iear – 2016 DICE Awards and the winner of the Best 2015 Handheld / Mobile Game of the Year.

Fallout Shelter is known as a game that offers you the opportunity to manage city dwellers for free. Sounds like the legendary SimCity, but the gameplay is very different. Like SimCity, players build the ideal city. FalloutShelter simulates deep human control. Fallout Shelter was first released on iOS by Bethesda Softworks in 2015. However, players can enjoy Android. Thanks to a very interesting gameplay style, this game won the 2015 award. It not only helped Bethesda gain self-respect, but also distributed products throughout the world.

Not only is it a simulation game, but Fallout Shelter also has a great universe, stories, and lots of interesting things to explore. These games are available on Google Play and the App Store, which allows you to download for free. In the apocalyptic world, your job is to build a bunker shelter (called Vault) so that everyone can avoid nuclear bombs. Now joy is no longer important, only life and death remain.

Interesting Image

Exterior details are made in 3D, but game characters are displayed at 2D level. This can be an interesting combination, and the space is still real and alive. The character is very flexible and beautiful. Color and motion effects are explained smoothly. The contrast kit is widely used and emphasizes a lot of image details. Of these, green is used in almost every aspect. Applying blue is better for the eyes than other colors. The players don’t get bored playing for long. The interface is neat, minimalist, intuitive and easy to use. Even at start time it is not difficult to start, because you will often find instructions. Space experience is optimized for darkness and helps you focus on the game. The players are immersed in a shiny and conspicuous shelter.

Game History

After you make the safe, people will gradually move to your headquarters. You are now the boss, manager. You need to guide your residents to build and expand their protection while looking for food, water, and electricity to sustain their lives. Radiation makes you have to prepare weapons to protect the base.

There is room for you to develop, be an intelligent designer. When your population begins to tighten, problems begin to emerge if you develop unreasonably. In addition, building power plants and reactors is also important for efficient maintenance of your energy base. In fact, we cannot live underground without enough light and some kind of machine. Rooms that are far from the power plant need more energy, so you need to build the power plant evenly to save the energy you have.

Fallout Shelter residents have statistics in the form of S.P.E.C.I.A.L, which corresponds to strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility, and happiness. If you arrange tenants in the room according to their abilities, they can complete the task effectively. For example, energy adds production capabilities to electricity generation.

You not only attract residents from outside, but your residents can get married in your facility, helping to increase the population. In addition to getting enough food and water, you need to increase the happiness of your residents by giving them the exact job they want or arranging a marriage for a couple. Pregnant women have a 100% happiness index. As the population increases, remember to improve your facilities.

Interesting Intuitive Game

As a watchdog, players must make full-service dungeons for people’s lives. This includes their physical and mental condition. Food, Drinks, Activities … To complete the whole city, underground buildings need to be developed regularly. Players always need to build and improve it. Each room is individually designed and refurbished to meet people’s needs. To build more dungeons, players must open one at a time. The sequence gradually increases as more layers get deeper and deeper. Each room only supports a limited number of rooms. You can build up to 20 floors. Depending on the player’s request, the player sends it to any room. The floor adjacent to the same floor is easily connected. Emigration is much easier.

In addition to building residential units, players can also manage their own lives. Increasing the number of people increases the number of tasks but accelerates development. Players interfere in people’s personal relationships. They can plant varieties, participate in means of production, or open new land. Players can get new clothes thanks to the Dinner Box game feature. To use lunch boxes, you must complete the basic tasks of the game. This city is marked by your personality.

In this treatment, external threats are also an important problem for you. Efforts to occupy the area may be carried out regularly. Players need flexibility to repair and repair damaged buildings. This requires an increase, so make sure you have large inventory to prevent it. And there are many reasons for this type of conflict. Therefore, players need to build many tunnels in the river. This disaster has been greatly reduced.

Updated Laboratory

Fallout Shelter has two types of laboratories to choose from: Stimpacks and Radavai. The laboratory is responsible for producing useful medicines about people’s lives. When your base is attacked by giant cockroaches, Stimpacks helps you heal, and Radavai helps you detoxify your inhabitants. This feature is a bit more expensive, but it’s better than losing your population forever.

Rush is a feature that will help you speed up, immediately end the operation, not wait for it. However, this feature is quite dangerous. If you succeed, everything will be fine and no one will get hurt. But if you fail, the room you will burn will burn, destroy lots of objects and images of rats and cockroaches to attack.

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