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27 Mei 2019
Android 4.1+ Up

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Dude Perfect 2 Mod – Placing the majority goal is not possible to get numbers, but the basketball game is an amazing game. This game is very simple throwing a ball past a power outage, and pressing a button, and hold your finger on the screen. Most of these levels so you can choose at any time to register to play. Often, basketball baskets are sometimes more difficult, more emissions and create obstacles. At least 90 different levels in the game. In addition, it is possible that only at the beginning of the game, five different characters, but you have many different characters to find the real game.

Dude Perfect 2 was built on the YouTube channel, and the developers realized that in basketball it was difficult. The challenge of the game, shooting players is not possible because of many similar applications. There is no abusive language or other content. However, the company opened another character can change the game money, there is encouragement. Just like the media, there are many opportunities to interact with advertisements and other games. Other different layers, good pictures and interesting basketball matches are required.

The only problem with this game is, most don’t understand why full screen applications carry storage devices. On each pre-game screen, the game is very difficult, but you will slowly understand its use and control. Dude Perfect 2, with various obstacles and puzzle elements trying to shoot and put the ball into the basket. Control the power of moving your finger from the left to take pictures. In the last 21 levels, more coins must be fair; If not, the minimum amount or help to buy with real money.

Game Reviews

Strategies based on methods related to sports themes or those who excite promises may not be satisfied. Complaining about difficult fast ramps and game-oriented management training that tries to solve problems but isn’t accurate. Go back and find the rest of the game after playing the previous number. A channel shooting trick game that has a lot of applications that really have no difference here. It seems that some users can have fun.

The majority of fans and viewers of Dude Perfect 2 for Android can be found in the entertainment industry. Block crazy photos and images from the last match of the Fans you have to handle here. Dude Perfect 2 is trying to get some signs of crazy adventure, a continuation of the great success of the Android game. Some players at all levels, basketball teams, every shot have the chance to prove their basketball abilities. Avoid dangerous, and release some crazy shots to get special powers. It requires a lot of sports games and is designed to look and Dude Perfect 2 is no different. Dude Perfect game for PC or Mac and Control Key, mouse action with clear objectives and faster reflexes that you enjoy using the application. Automatically starts the download process by double clicking.

Dude Perfect 2 with levels and obstacles like traditional sports games, wisdom is needed. All of them are full of danger and difficulties and obstacles with the interest of basketball in the number of more than 100 different cards. A new power-up and finally Dude Perfect 2 is your choice that is more interesting and different. Collect three stars on each level, even certain content will be your last friend.

Game Characteristics

  • Multi-Gym
  • Play: Fight against 5 units
  • 2 Keymapping features and the best platform
  • Optimized image, speed and performance
  • Battle Royale Mode
  • Featured content
  • 199 sweet levels from different worlds
  • Play as Dude Perfect Crew
  • Watch the new Dude Perfect video right in the app
  • Fun for the whole family

Install Dude Perfect 2 on PC

  • Install and run the installer
  • Complete the installation once
  • Go to the top right of the search bar, search for Dude Perfect 2
  • Set the screen icon on Google Play Click.
  • After the installation is complete, the Applications tab
  • Done

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