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20 Desember 2019
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Dream Town Story Mod Apk – is a compact game with city construction with 8-bit graphics, showing nostalgia, sweet and real life. Today, mobile games are very popular, and players participate in fun and simulation games. Finding an easy place, but very difficult. Dream Town Story is a good example. Renovations, home to a beautiful world, steeped in history and more. If you play games like SimCity, you need to know the community about games. Take part in this game that will make you a smart leader.

In this game you will become a city builder with many citizens who must be helped. Their decision to stay or move is influenced by many factors such as environmental issues, landscapes, social facilities and the like. Adding Bonsai, building a garden and opening a utility will help you get life’s satisfaction and happiness.

The City of Dream Story begins with the character creation screen, where you give traveler points statistics. This game directly affects the city. For example, if you work hard to help people, cell phones will affect travel distance. If people work well, they will have more money and more taxes.

Game History

If you play this game, you will know that your friends list is blocked, meaning that only friends from your country can play. Dream Town Story offers a simple and interesting game. Previously sent a simulator to Simcity. At the same time, this team is a local story. This game is the best community simulation game to find out more. Dreaming City Story Mod APK is included in the simulation game developed by mod game developers. Cairo Soft is a game developer with a mobile game company from Japan. Of course, you will be surprised when the game developer with the new version. Keep in mind that the creator cannot follow the process. Because they still set a classic 8-bit painting method for their products.

Their latest update, Dream Town, was released on December 14. Your friends will really want to play class games like old games. For more details, you can see the details and functions in this game. Dream Town Night Town is a sketch created by the company as usual, and an interesting gameplay. Usually players get high level games, but it’s a bit boring. Thus, publishers offer a different perspective from before, no doubt everyone will like it.

Simple and interesting

Friendly service is about managing a small community. But, for the development of the mayor’s dream in a big city, so you can help him understand this. Design your dream home to the very bottom and build the city as far as the eye can see in this challenging simulation game. Compete with other cities in the rankings, or facilitate it and run at your own pace.

Build a house for people to move to your city, and then add shops and many other facilities, making it a lively and pleasant place. Shops, such as bicycle shops or car dealerships, sell vehicles to your residents, allowing them to travel further and visit more places. Get more space as your city grows, discover new facilities for construction, help residents find new jobs, plan cities to the last detail to make sure everyone is comfortable.

How to Install the Game

  1. The first step that must be done is to download the game from the link or page provided in this article
  2. After downloading, don’t install it, but first save the game file in the file manager contained in the device that will be used
  3. Then activate the game security settings first with the following steps = settings >> unknown sources >> select / activate
  4. Then install the game directly into the device and complete the installation process
  5. Now you can open and run the game to your heart’s content
  6. Done

In-Game Features

  • Build the city as you wish
  • Attractive graphics
  • Stunning, clear voice
  • Anytime and anywhere
  • Broad reach
  • Many tools that can help
  • And others

Latest From Games

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Exclusive Pass Unlocked

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