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SimCity Build Mod Apk- Like in SimCity, you can buy dozens of buildings and install them anywhere in SimCity Build. If it is not enough for residents to build shelter, you can also build parks, shops, so they get what they need, resources so they can have electricity, and water tanks for bathing. You can also visit other player cities in SimCity Build.

Description of SimCity Build

A game developed by Track Twenty and published by Electronic Arts, this game was launched at the end of 2014. This game is part of the SimCity franchise. SimCity: Build is a game developed for mobile gameplay. Wikipedia

This game allows users to resolve real-life situations such as fire, sewers, pollution, and traffic and helps in dealing with problems faced by the public. Players can connect and compete with other users for more connected gameplay.

Simcity Build gameplay

This freemium game is played for free without annoying advertisements and in-app purchases. It uses music and graphics similar to the SimCity 2013 game, although it is slightly reduced to fit the graphics capabilities of iOS and Android devices. The game starts with 25,000 simoleons and 50 SimCash on hand. There is no zoning feature in SimCity Build.

Instead, the building was moved manually. Commercial and industrial buildings produce goods, and residential zones need them to increase to higher densities. The plant can also be upgraded, although it requires the destruction of the original building when it produces nothing, then replacing it with a new one.

Players can only build a two-lane road using the build tool. Players cannot manually build higher capacity roads; they must update it. Initially, only two, four and six lanes were available at launch; three more types of roads (roads, highways, and roads).

Disaster Update

Disaster Updates allow Players to launch disasters (meteor collisions, earthquakes, etc.) in their own city. Each disaster has three levels that can be opened by players. Players open this level by launching a disaster. Players can get the golden key this way.

Users play as mayors of their cities, and make choices to make their city residents happy. When players do this, players can get taxes from City Hall. When players have more people, players get more taxes (Simoleons). Users can trade, chat and join clubs with other players for connected online gameplay.

There are also special buildings based on the Season tournament. Each season plays every three months, giving a category of building types every season for a limited time such as film studio buildings, amusement park buildings, wild west buildings, special landmark buildings, additional university buildings, parade buildings, and buildings based on real-world promotional events.

After a player uses all available city space, the player can only save or swap this building. The game has five additional areas that players can change and develop. This expands the gameplay to provide a variety of new land, buildings and materials and allows players to also use season buildings.

Build a City With Imagination

Build skyscrapers, parks, landmarks, factories and more! Strategically place buildings so that taxes continue to flow and your city continues to grow. Complete real life challenges such as traffic, fire and pollution. Provide services such as power stations and police departments, and encourage your population with parks and education. Keep moving traffic with big roads and trams. Take fun challenges to shape your community.

Open along the beach with marinas, water parks and luxury beaches. Build a Tokyo-style environment and open exclusive landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. Discover innovative technology with Future Cities and get athletic with a sports stadium. Go to the city with Las Vegas buildings and go to Hollywood with a film studio. There is always something new and different to make your city unique.

How to Install Simcity Build

  1. The first step is to download the file first
  2. Then save it to the device’s internal storage
  3. Then enable security by (Settings >> unknown Source >> Select)
  4. After that install the file and wait for its completion
  5. Enjoy


SimCity Build is a game made for Android and PC that is interesting and fun. The only drawback is that there are many paid purchases that you can find in this game. It is available for download on iOS, Android, and the Amazon app store. This is a free simulation game on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Developed by TrackTwenty and published by Electronic Arts, this game was launched at the end of 2014. This game is part of a franchise, and make sure the game is on your device right now.

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