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Disable Service Apk – Have you tried using this application? This is the best support tool forever. Helps you disable, freeze and delete unwanted, installed, bloatware and system services or packages on your Android device.

The drive to deactivate or activate also freezes all Bloatware S Health, Gear VR, Instagram, One Drive, Microsoft Office, widget applications, etc. Disable Service disables, freezes services or uninstalles packages and saves your RAM usage, battery life and improves your performance.

All packages that are disabled are marked as not available when you run and update. It works with almost all Samsung, LG, HTC, etc. Android devices. And works with root conditions. The application does not launch automatically until you reactivate it.

Content rating for Disable Service apk is everything. Disable Services can be downloaded and installed on Android devices that support API 8 and newer. Disabling services helps you deactivate background driving services such as upload services or pull advertising services and so on.

The Deactivate Services application helps deactivate driving services in the background. You can install this application on any device running Android version 2.2 or later.

When you open the application, you will see a screen that displays all services that are running and not running. You can see two tabs for public applications, one installed by the user and the system application used by the system application.

Definition of Disable Service

Disable Service Is an application that is useful for disabling all services that are deemed unnecessary on your Android. All Public Application services are safe to disable except for most Services.

But they can turn off applications, so you have to activate services for each application to function properly when you need it. This service is safe to deactivate, as 3 services that are disabled do not affect functioning properly, you can still download and install the application.

This helps save some RAM on an Android Smartphone by disabling unnecessary services. In line with the development of hardware technology, applications are also becoming more and more sophisticated new features are added to the latest application updates.

For smartphone users with older machines that have dual core or less lanes and 512 MB RAM capacity below the advantages offered by developers, this is a problem. On the one hand, the new features are very tempting, but the features of the existing cell phones don’t allow it to work smoothly.

Choose the application that is most important and necessary and get rid of other applications that are rarely used. There are times when we also have to be wise when choosing applications from applications with similar genres. When it comes to messaging programs, there are many similar applications and actually don’t need them all.

Think about which application we need the most and delete the rest. Because messaging programs are generally RAM applications. This applies to updating application features that are sometimes excessive for this class of mobile, either for reasons of under-specification or actually unnecessary features.

Excellence in App@lications

  • RAM availability, which can be a little wider
  • Better and faster system response
  • Can save battery life due to reduced RAM usage, easier processor performance, battery requirements will also be reduced.

Application Weaknesses

  • If you accidentally disable an important service, your system may run unstable, hang or even start looping.

Application Characteristics

  • Clean application data saving memory, battery, and improve your performance
  • Save your favorite packages quickly to access and deactivate
  • Filter the list of deactivated packages, the list of driving packages, the list of deactivated services, the list of
  • driving services, the list of color packages
  • Password Protection Mode Mode locks this application with a password.
  • Passwords are stored offline only on the user’s device.
  • Simple material design and easy to use
  • Disable unwanted services or packages
  • Disable installation, bloatware, or system services or packages
  • Press Activate / Deactivate Service immediately
  • Special bloatware list edit and customize the bloatware list yourself
  • More settings hide support, see details, start and delete packages

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