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23 Desember 2019
Android 4.1
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Coach Bus Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – Good news for you, especially for those who like to play the Mobile Bus Simulator game. In the following we will share some of the most popular games today. Playing this Mod Bus Simulator game will make you feel like a bus driver. Play Android games with the bus simulator theme and feel the feeling of being a bus driver like in the real world. This game is really fun if you try it. Is not it? Let’s check out the full review below.

After the times we make a safe trip, we need to thank the bus driver driver. They are the bus drivers who are responsible for safe travel for hundreds of passengers every day. If you want to experience the job of being a bus driver, Bus Simulator (MOD Unlimited Money) might help you make it happen.

Ovidiu Pop simulation game is very popular on Google Play with more than 10 million downloads. In fact, this bus simulation is very popular in many countries. It helps us move easily in big cities, buses are the right choice if you don’t want to drive. Bus is also a miniature social model. This helps us meet with many people, listen to their stories and have a new outlook on life.

GamePlay Coach Bus Simulator

In addition, the day-night cycle and weather effects make your experience more real. Enjoy night trips under the stars and the light of big cities. How to drive a bus is also very similar to the original. Many passengers are waiting for you at the bus stop. When you open the door, they will automatically enter the bus and sit in an empty position on the bus.

Become a Bus Driver

This game has a gameplay that is no different from Bus Simulator Ultimate, although the name refers to the trainer. Your task is to drive a bus that brings passengers to the bus stop safely and on time. In fact, buses often go to certain routes. After returning to the end, return to the first point. But this game has changed your route

You can choose your destination and drive through major European cities. The price for each trip is not cheap, around several tens of thousands of dollars. Unlike racing games like Asphalt 8 MOD, this game doesn’t require you to go fast and beat other buses. Bringing passengers to a safe stop does not mean you have to leave too soon. You are responsible for the safety of all passengers. Drive carefully at the speed permitted.

Adjust Bus

To be sure in Coach Bus Simulator, you can not buy a supercar like other games. This game gives you many bus models with interiors that are similar to real-life car manufacturers. You can unlock the car, draw anything in your car. Not only is a good driver, but you can also show your painting talent in this very interesting driving simulation game.

When you use Coach Bus Simulator, you can buy whatever bus you want. No need to worry about money anymore!


It can be said that Coach Bus Simulator is like a coach, a teacher who teaches you the techniques to become a reliable bus driver. Each trip gives you many lessons on how to react while driving, other vehicle directions and traffic laws. The experience of this game is very realistic. Not everyone has the opportunity and ability to become a bus driver. But with this game, you really can realize your dreams.

Coach Bus Simulator feature

  • Graphics

The first impression when playing this game is graphics, graphics are my first impressions of Bus Simulator games. The in-game environment is designed with realistic and sharp 3D graphics. This is like any city you have ever visited. The view outside the window is very beautiful. You will experience a free tour of Europe. Not only visiting big cities like Paris, London, Rome, you also have the opportunity to see peaceful countryside with many hills and farms.

Besides, the day-night cycle and the weather effect make your experience more realistic. Experience a night trip under the stars and the light of the big cities. The driving mechanism is also very similar to reality. Many passengers are waiting for you at the bus stop. When you open the door, they will naturally step forward and sit in the vacant positions on the vehicle.

  • Control

Coach Bus Simulator lets you choose one of many different types of control. Includes a virtual steering wheel, arrow keys, tilt device and real driving mode. I chose the virtual steering mode because it felt like driving a bus in reality. In addition, your screen includes many other buttons that simulate car horns, turn signals, headlights, gas, brakes,

Some indicators that you need to know when you are a driver such as speed, fuel, and passenger satisfaction. This game provides you with a map on the side of the wheel, which can help you to know the turns ahead.

How to Install Apk

How to install it is not difficult, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the application file on the link above.
  2. When the download is complete, first extract the file using ZArchiver or WinRAR.
  3. For the OBB file folder, you move it to Android / OBB.
  4. Before installing the apk, first turn on “Unknown Source” unknown source, usually found in the settings
  5. menu> privacy.
  6. Then install the Apk. wait for the install process to finish.
  7. When the install is complete, open the game and run.



What are the advantages of this mod version of the game?

You will get a mod with various accessories in it.

Can this game be played offline?

Surely, you can play the game offline. In addition, you can store data online for security.

Can this mod game be played on IOS devices?

No, temporary mod games can be played on Android devices.

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