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16 Juni 2020
Android 5.0+
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CCleaner Pro Mod APK – In this era of smartphones is increasingly popular not only in Indonesia but also throughout the world. And of course you also already have a smartphone.

The sophistication of this smartphone is no longer in doubt, but not a few smartphone users have not been able to control it. Therefore, we introduce a solution on how to manage your cell phone properly, namely with CCleaner.

The best cleaning application specifically for your Android device. CCleaner Pro is able to optimize your Android system in just seconds. Make your device cleaner, safer and faster. CCleaner pro allows you to quickly and easily delete applications installed on your Android device freeing up storage space.

In one click, you can safely remove rubbish that has accumulated on your cellphone without slowing down your Android system. CCleaner Pro can clear application caches, browser history, clipboard content, old call logs and more. Like CCleaner, the world’s favorite PC optimization tool, CCleaner for Android comes with a simple and intuitive UI so that anyone can optimize their Android devices with just a few clicks.

Remove your rubbish, regain free space, double-check your system and explore it safely. Become the master of your own device with the best cleaning application for your Android!

Below is a little explanation about CCleaner pro you need to know:

CCleaner Apk?

CCleaner is a tool developed from Piriform, and was introduced in 2003 for the first time which includes two main platforms namely PC and Mac.

Because of the increasing number of mobile devices in use, CCleaner is also available on mobile devices.

Piriform was bought by Avast in 2017 with the aim that it can be further developed and has the function of cleaning up unwanted or unwanted junk files, such as temporary Internet files, malicious code, and many other files.

CCleaner can be used by users to delete an application and can be used to support the removal of a program contained on your smartphone.

You can easily check your device’s system with just one click and also you can delete junk that has accumulated on your cellphone.

Below are some features of CCleaner Pro APK, namely:

CCleaner Pro Mod APK Features

Optimize and clean

  • Remove the trash in your cellphone.
  • Clean cache, download files, and other unnecessary junk.
  • Delete calls and fill in large SMS messages.

Very Easy to Use

  • Optimize your Android.
  • Simple to use so easy to navigate
  • Fast and efficient with low memory and CPU usage

Mod Apk feature

  • Increases the results of optimized graphics through cleaned source files.
  • Monitor all sources
  • Disable analysis
  • Removes all ad and service calls from activation
  • Languages: English, Russian

Check System

  • Check your CPU usage.
  • Monitor RAM and your internal storage space.
  • Check your cellphone battery level and temperature

Free up Space

  • Streamline the contents of your cellphone
  • Remove unwanted applications
  • Free up storage space on your cellphone

How to Install Apk

How to install this application is very easy, let’s follow the steps below

  • First step Download the APK file from the link above.
  • When the download is complete, turn on Unknown Source or an unknown source to allow third-party installation
  • Install the CCleaner Pro application as usual.
  • Done Open the application and run it.



How does CCleaner Android know which files to clean?

For Android phones using a list of rules in determining what is safe to clean is by using the desktop and CCleaner versions. And this Android operating system can determine accurately where the temporary and downloaded files are stored.

Why does CCleaner need approval for Android?

CCleaner approval for Android is really needed so that the application can perform all its functions properly.

Can this application run on IOS devices?

No, for the time being it can only be run on Android devices.

Do you have to boot to run this application?

No, this application can run even if it is not rooting.

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