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How to use HTTP injectors for all types of operators

How to Use HTTP Injectors – Now we live in a time when everything needs an Internet connection, not only for communication purposes, but to access information and get entertainment.

Of course, to meet the needs of a comfortable Internet, we need a stable Internet connection.

At present, there are already several telecommunications providers in Indonesia that offer various attractive promotional offers, for example cheap internet data packages.

There are various internet data packages, from cheap to expensive.

Each provider also offers the benefits of their respective data packages.

In fact, there are often who offer many bonus opportunities for internet package promotions.

Have you ever thought about getting a free internet package without having to buy a quota?

Maybe many do not know that there are tricks to get a free internet package without having to pay a dime.

Namely using HTTP injectors, what are HTTP injectors? Let’s discuss more about one of the tricks to get this free internet connection.

What is HTTP Injector?

You may already be familiar with HTTP injectors if you are familiar with the world of internet and technology.

HTTP Injector is an application specifically designed to manage HTTP headers.

The advantage of this application is that users can access the Internet for free through any telecommunications provider. For ordinary people, maybe many do not know about the function of this HTTP injector. The function of this injector application is to capture and modify signals and process them in the system.

In this way, users can receive data signals and access the Internet for free.

However, using this application requires a number of processes and steps to use HTTP injectors.

The simplicity of using an HTTP injector is accessing the Internet without having to use an Internet quota.

In addition, applications developed by Evozi Apps can also be used to access websites that are blocked in Indonesia.

So don’t be surprised if so many people are interested in using this HHTTP injector.

How to use the HTTP Injector application

For those of you who are curious and interested in using this application, please read the tutorial with the following HTTP injectors.

Download and install the HTTP Injector application

Because we are working with an application, we first need to download and install the HTTP Injector application on your Android phone.

Then you can download it for free through the Google Play Store.

If it’s already downloaded, please install it on your cellphone.

Then follow the tutorial to use the following injector application, enter the HTTP Injector application and go to the payload settings to make it easier to use the payload generator on the left. injector.

Next you will be asked to fill out information on the payload generator page. Some of the parts that you must complete are:
URL / Host: Enter the operator bug you are using
Request Method: Click Connect
Query Method: Click Front Query
Extra Header: Click Online Host
In the next step, click Generate Payload and you will be returned to the main page.
Enter the Remote Proxy that corresponds to each operator’s proxy.
If you are an Indosat user you can use the proxy IP with port 8080, click Save.
In the next step, set SSH by clicking the right hand menu of the HTTP injector. The following sections and must be filled in:

SSH Host: Filled with SSH host that you created
SSH Prot: Customizable to the SSH created. The default is 443.
Username: Enter the desired username
Password: Enter a password that is easy for you to remember
After setting SSH, return to the home or home menu, then click Start or Start.

Download Config HTTP Injector

For the free HTTP injector to work, you must download Config HTTP Injector.

For this, Config is adjusted to the type of provider you are using. For example, if you use Indosat, you must first download the Config HTTP Injector for Indosat.

Likewise, if you use another provider.

To take configuration from any cellular operator is not too difficult, you can easily find it via the internet.

Risks of Using HTTP Injectors

If you see a tutorial with HTTP injectors that allow you to easily connect to the Internet for free, this might seem beneficial.

However, using HTTP Injector is closely related to the risks and losses you might receive.

This risk can directly affect your smartphone.

So before you try to download the HTTTP injector application and use this application in the hope of getting free internet, you must first understand a number of potential losses, including:

  • The HTTP injector application works by “breaking into” the provider, so there is no guarantee of security for users when using this application, let alone the network used is also different.
  • This application often causes the connection to be cut off suddenly or completely disconnected. Once or twice is not a problem, but if this is too often, it is very annoying.
  • If you use the HTTP Injector application, you must change the configuration frequently.
  • Although you can access the Internet for free with this application, the data transfer speed of this application is not stable. It can happen very quickly, but it suddenly decreases.
  • This is an illegal method that harms telecommunications providers because the number of internet quota buyers decreases when many use this application.

Using the HTTP Injector application is very useful, but you need to know some of the risks that can occur as described above.

The Latest Features of the HTTP Injector Application

This application often updates the latest version and continues to improve its performance as an application to get free Internet.

Here are some of the latest features of HTTP Injector:

  • Can modify outgoing requests very easily
  • Build or Build IP hunter and also host Checher
  • The latest version of this application has a battery saving feature
  • Already supports Android from version 2.3 to version 6.0
  • Can change buffer size
  • Can export configurations on encryption
  • Can lock Hardware ID

Despite its shortcomings, there are still many who are interested in using the HTTP Injector application.
Because the HTTP Injector application has proven to work very well for making free internet connections.
Interested in this application? please you can try and prove it yourself.

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