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30 Januari 2020
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Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk – Is a Match-3 puzzle game, with gameplay similar to Bejeweled Diamond. But why did Candy Crush Saga get such a strong reception from the players? Because of the shape and color of the candle, players tend to feel sweeter. At the same time, a different task system, which creates attraction for players.

Puzzle Games, interesting story lines and high logic to be interesting, which gives players a new experience. There are no fancy and complicated games like Monument Valley 2 or interesting stories like Limbo. Candy Crush Saga first confirms its position in the puzzle genre with a direct and addictive game. Until now, this game has more than 500 million downloads on smart devices and is a free game with the most downloads in any application market.

After repeatedly updating and expanding features, this Candy Crush Saga game has now reached thousands of levels, according to many different challenges that you have to overcome. At each stage, you must place at least three fireplaces of the same color in a row to make them disappear and make room for new candles; and then score. At the same time, you must fulfill a number of other requirements that are considered to be challenges that the game has created.

Game Reviews

Candy Crush Saga, is the leading puzzle game for Android. With thousands of different levels, players can enjoy puzzles for hours. This is a manifestation of the three-game video game released by King on April 12, 2012 for Facebook, and November 14, 2012 for iOS, Android, Android OS, Windows Phone, Windows 10.

The game is constantly updated, adding new “sections” and more playable levels; The new rules will be updated first on Facebook followed by Android and iPhone. Candy Crush Saga each has 15 episodes (only the first two episodes have two levels). The game update on November 27, 2013 added the “Dreamworld” standard, providing players with an upgrade from the old level with new technicians, who are also constantly updated. As of July 2015, Facebook media has 1,100 regular levels and new levels are constantly increasing.

Levels of Levels That Continue to Increase

Depending on the level, the challenge will be difficult at a significant level. When you first play it is usually easy to play and the system will guide you to get used to the game, as well as the tasks. But when you have a higher level, the problem arises, you have more difficult challenges and newer experiences. Today, you only get a certain number of turns for each game image. If the number of turns goes but the game is incomplete, you really lose the game, and you must try again at that moment from the start.

Some levels have to be played several times before, but there are also some levels where you only need to play a few rounds to pass. However, this can also give you some tips to help you play better in Candy Crush Saga. Before using the wire, pay attention to the candles around it, and slide the position of the candles so that many of the same colored candles stand with each other, giving the L or T players the chance to make a breakthrough. If you experience difficulties, you can also use other assistance provided by the game.

Dominant 3D Color with Clear Voice

Candy Crush Saga doesn’t have realistic 3D scenes like role plays or interesting anime characters, but stands out because of the sweetness. In addition, the effects of exposure play an important role in assistance. Every time the candy disappears, it explodes, leaving behind a beautiful ray of light. It will be more striking if you destroy many candies at the same time. Apart from that, the game’s interface is also neater, easy to design and decorate with colorful decorations. Overall, Candy Crush adopts graphics and gameplay that is really interesting.

Get this amazing Saga for yourself or play with friends to see who can score the highest score. Candy Crush Saga can really be played but other items in the game such as extra action or life demands prizes. By allowing the game to accept the terms of service at the following link:

Available Features

  • Gather less sugar and sugar songs for personal taste
  • Delicious candy pictures
  • Go on stage and appear with some extraordinary characters
  • Lots of magical help to help with difficult levels
  • Full levels of adventure and open therapy
  • Simple and fun to play, difficult to control
  • Hundreds of sweet treats in Candy Kingdom
  • Leaderboards to see your friends and competitors
  • Easily configure games between devices and unlock full game services when connected to the Internet

Mod I

  • General reaction
  • Extraordinary life
  • Open all standards
  • Without expertise.
  • Win all the time

Mod II

  • 100 Moves
  • Extraordinary life

Version I

  • Normal movement
  • Life is endless
  • Open Dreamworld
  • All versions
  • All standard
  • Moonstruck has been active since the end of the year
  • Optional add-ons: 1 time / exchange rate

Version II

  • 100 additional steps
  • 80 bombs ended
  • The time tool for each level is changed to 5 minutes
  • Life is endless
  • Moonstruck has been active since the end of the year
  • Optional add-ons: 1 time / exchange rate

Version III

  • 100 additional steps
  • 80 bombs ended
  • The time tool for each level is changed to 5 minutes
  • Life is endless
  • Win all the time
  • Duplication Signs: Make a series of bombs, wires, and candy

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