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Block Puzzle Jewel – This is a game whose inspiration comes from the classic Tetris game. In this game the user will be challenged to arrange various shapes of descending beams and will rise if there is no explosion of the full arrangement. Taking points or scores in this one game is from the arrangement of the blocks themselves which, when full, will explode and accumulate according to the number of missing blocks. The more blocks you blow up, the more scores you can get from this Block Puzzle Jewel game. Interesting right?

If you have played Classic Tetris then this Block Puzzle game is not much different in terms of the flow of the game. You will easily play this game based on aspects of the game from Tetris Classic. The controls in the game are also known to be easy to control in terms of changing the direction of the beam to be arranged in such a way as to get the value you want. Beams that will fall will have different colors, your task is to determine the arrangement of the blocks before falling. If the beam gets to the bottom and is not arranged properly then you may experience defeat.

But you need to remember that the longer your game will increase its level. And this will greatly affect the speed of the beam that will fall. the higher the level the faster the beam falls, for that you must be more careful and observant in this regard. The accuracy of the placement of blocks and creativity is also needed in this Block Puzzle Jewel game. With increasing speed you don’t have much time to think. For this reason, foresight in seeing where to arrange the blocks is needed in this game. Download this exciting game and play it however you want.

Play game

Block Puzzle Jewel is a non-tick or strategy game that is not too difficult but is very interesting to be played by all ages. Why not even though this game does not have a complex flow in terms of rhythm of the game, but this game is much liked. This game is very easy to understand and control. The dominance of the game is not only at the age of the children. Players with adult age are also very happy to play this Block Puzzle by remembering their memory when playing Tetris Classic in their youth.

Directions In Block Puzzle Game

In this game, you have a goal to arrange various forms of Beams that will fall from the top of your device monitor. Your task is actually very easy and not too difficult. You only need to arrange the rows of blocks so they are not cluttered and arranged according to their place. So from the arrangement of these arrangements an explosion occurred in accordance with the number of beams arranged. And that will be an advantage for you in adding points that you will get. But keep in mind the arrangement of your beams. Do not let the arrangement of the blocks do not fit, because you will experience defeat.

Play without enemies

Block Puzle Jewel is an exciting game to play without enemies. Here you are challenged to play alone by devoting creativity and not being mature to arrange the blocks. The beam will continue to fall as long as you haven’t experienced defeat. But the longer your game lasts the higher the level you have and the higher the speed of the ballook will go down. In this game you also have to achieve a higher score than the previous player. That way you will be a winner in this Block Puzzle game.

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