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20 Februari 2020
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Armed Heist – Is one of the games that adopts a flow of action. With a third-person perspective, this game requires the player to defeat the opponent by shooting in a long-standing BANK robbery story. In this game players will play by making as much money as possible. From the place that was robbed then after that the player has to run away and face many policemen who surrounded and could paralyze. Shooting or being shot, this is what Armed Heist game players must face in the game story.

This game also has controls that are so good, this has gotten adjustments on the device especially with touch screen controls. Players will find on the left side of the monitor a virtual stick. Then the player will also see on the right side of the monitor that there is a weapon control. What makes this game interesting is the scope of the dynamical system. And can allow players to protect themselves from attacks or anything that can hamper during playing this Armed Heist game. That means players can take cover in the game with the coverage system in a very easy way.

At the beginning of the game, the player will only have a weapon and a mask that can be used. But if in the game you make it through each level of the game smoothly in making robberies. Then you can easily collect various of the best weapons you can have. You can collect a lot of weapons such as rifles, pistols, shotguns and many more. So is the case with masks that you can collect with a variety of different types.

Reviews About the Armed Heist Game

Armed Heist is a form of TPS game that has an interesting and great storyline. This game presents tricks to play with thrilling and exciting action. Domination on Android devices, making this game much liked and downloaded by users. As we discussed earlier, this game also has very easy controls. Not only that the graphics in the game were made with a very neat and attractive system. This can help players in the accuracy of vision during play. No less interesting is the sound of the game that can trigger adrenaline from the player when listening to the sound of a shot that is similar to the original.

This game is not only interesting to be played by anyone. More than that this game can give its users a real challenge during play. This is then the reason many people choose to download and play this game. If you want to have this game in the device you use. Then you can download via this article. You simply need to find the download button available on the page below. Just click the button and follow the download and installation process correctly. After that we make sure you will be able to easily play this interesting game Armed Heist.

How to Download Apk Files

  • The first step that must be done is to find the download page available in this article
  • Continue with Click the download button available to download the Apk file
  • Then wait for the download process to completely complete

How to Install Apk Files

  1. After the Apk file is downloaded, first save the Apk file into the file manager in the device being used
  2. Notify first Activate unknown source for security settings with steps = enter settings >> select unknown source >> activate
  3. Then install the Apk directly into the device used and complete the installation process
  4. Now you can open wherever and whenever you like
  5. Finish and enjoy

3D Crime Map

  • A dynamic crime database for banks with low security and armored vehicles that allows you to choose which theft you want to avoid today

Dynamic Scenario

  • Prepare for Excitement. In this online game, there is no bank shooting game that is done twice the same. Each scenario depends on your movements and skills

Race your personality

  • Produce skin, a mask, a jacket, and nice clothes. High-quality 3D graphics and impressive gameplay

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