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Angry Birds Dream Blast – Discover the stories and changes in Angry birds characters over the years and get dream prizes, a new puzzle game with a fun and relaxing game that has never been seen in Angry birds. Angry Bird solves the puzzle and has a holiday experience with lots of fun. With so many unique puzzles to solve and even more added every week

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Angry Birds Dream Blast is a match 3 puzzle game designed to burst colored bubbles to achieve certain goals. The idea is simple, every time you shoot four or more bubbles of the same color, Angry Bird appears to help you blow more colored bubbles.

Angry Birds Dream Blast is very similar to Diamond Diaries Saga or similar titles, especially in terms of gameplay. Each level is filled with different colored bubbles that bounce according to physical laws. So every time you blow bubbles, the others scatter and rise.

At each level, you must fulfill all objectives to advance. On some levels you have to destroy blocks of ice, in other places you have to take eggs and sometimes you just need to collect a collection of colored bubbles. In total, the game has around one hundred levels.

Easy Use

Angry Birds Dreaming Blast is very easy to play, dreams that come together with a simple pump – just roll at a time and you will get a red boost, the red One can produce a series of bubbles and two reds involved in forming Chuck, which look blue in four directions.

Combine Two Chucks to Make Extra Strength Bomb Boosters! Baby Bomb may be sweet, but the explosion can really brighten up the bubble screen, mix several bubbles at once to make your stir stronger. Angry Birds Dream Blast is completely free to play.

Usually a three-match puzzle that uses a fixture, aka determined by their position with the box. But Angry Birds Dream Blast uses a free play area, including all the foam that appears on the screen for free with no boxes at all. Players only need to touch a group of bubbles of the same color to eliminate them.

But the most interesting thing is the stadium itself which has challenges too. In some cases, for example, they have blocks that must destroy bombs, some chains are locked, and to unlock, players must destroy a number of colored circles, instead there are levels that have crusaders, and obstacles to solve.


As usual, there are also three tools available to help the game. There are shooting stars that place stars in certain places on the screen and destroy bubbles, there are screens that can destroy screens, and there are shuffles to destroy bumps on the screen. Three devices must be purchased with coins, so they can be used.

Angry Birds Dream Blast is no less beautiful, but it can be said that it is almost the same as three Angry Birds Red, Chuck, and Bomb. In addition, they are not static and not, everyone has a hobby, both on the playing field, in the main, or in other parts of the game including on the screen. Most interesting here is the song used in the game because Rovio uses the TAPIR system, and it is a system that synchronizes music with screen shows.

Free Game

Rovio also offers Angry Birds Dream Blast free, aka free to play. Players can play games even without internet. A small limitation of the game is the existence of a system where there are only five.

If a player does not complete the stage five times, they must wait a long time before playing again. As a rule, micro transactions are for purchasing coins. Angry Birds Dream Blast is really fun and addictive, and of course it should be on your smartphone.


  • Easy to understand and play
  • Form a dream group to solve difficult but interesting problems.
  • Bring lots of bubbles at once
  • make every step the same
  • Master a variety of problems.
  • Play hundreds of fun games.
  • New ideas every day
  • Adaptive music system
  • Adults respond to your decisions in real time

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