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16 Juni 2020
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AndroVid Pro Video Editor

Androvid Pro – In the previous article we actually shared many applications about Video Editing, but if you can choose and enjoy more applications why not, doesn’t every application have advantages and advantages of each that we can enjoy while using it.

In editing video there is a lot that we have to do between cutting, adding sound effects and so on with the intent and purpose that the video we produce becomes more interesting to be seen and shared with people around us, not infrequently we will then get a variety of praise from what we have done by giving the best.

In the process, of course we need a variety of ways and support through the tools we use in these activities, image brightness and sound clarity are still something that is prioritized in the process of recording a video what else if the moment will become a distinctive memory in our lives that someday it will be enjoyed by many people or our future generations, is it not something that is arguably fun and can add more insight to us in that field.

But can we then do it in a relatively short and easy process? you will answer the question by yourself because we believe you as a good reader are not people who are technologically illiterate and of course you follow the rapid development of technology and understand how to use and utilize the sophistication of the technology that is developing today, actually without us telling of this you all clearly understand what we are discussing on this occasion.

But not with the intention to patronize you, but by nature we only remind that there are lots of applications that we can use for editing in the video that we make so that it is better to see, one of which is the Androvid Pro application which we then try to offer to all of you by putting forward the advantages of excellence and features contained in the application to help you in the case or the process of video editing.

On the bottom page of this article we have provided a link to download the Androvid Pro application if you are interested in downloading it and installing it on your Android smartphone, but before you do it, it is better if you look carefully at the description of Androvid. This pro, so that you no longer arise questions from you in the context of its use, the following explanation.

Understanding Androvid Pro

Androvid Pro, is an application created by Zeoxy which has two functions at the same time to edit videos. This application can also be used to play videos that we have edited and saved, with the support it has of course, this application will greatly help you in editing a video that you guys record.

Features and Benefits of Androvid Pro

  • Video Trimming
  • Music Addition
  • Video Merge
  • Video Middle Deletion
  • Video Sharing
  • Video Frame
  • Video Effects
  • Music
  • Video player
  • Video Format
  • Wallpaper
  • Impression Slide
  • Upload Video Clips
  • Play Clips
  • Choose Video
  • Change Video
  • Delete Video
  • Trim Video
  • Reverse Vid
  • Join Vid
  • Gif Vid
  • Transcoder Vid
  • Supporting conversions
  • Compress Vid
  • Vid Tool
  • Rotate Vid
  • Delete Parts Vid
  • Texs Vid
  • Convert Vid
  • Apply Vid
  • Split Vid
  • Share Vid
  • Organize Vid
  • Easy Use
  • Broad reach
  • Etc

How to Install Androvid Pro

  1. The first step that must be done is to download the related file first
  2. Then you install the file
  3. Then select the unknown source, follow it to the end
  4. After that you open the application
  5. Done

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