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Adorable Home – You and your friend have just moved to a new suburban home with a sweet-haired friend named Snow. What should be done first? Clean it so you can start decorating. There are sofas, tables, and TVs, and more.

Your spouse must work and you have important responsibilities at home. Make sure you feed your partner and feed your cat lovingly. Use this love to buy more furniture, decorations and more cats to make your home look so beautiful. The more cats, the more beautiful moments you will experience. Shoot cats using retro cameras and collect images in a photo album.

Gather passionate love and discover new places such as parks where you can gather love from forest creatures who come to see your magical home. The magic house is a passive and comfortable experience. Subscribe in a few hours to come back and see something new, get a little affection and continue to decorate your home.

Adorable Home Game Specifications

Adorable Home is a mobile and cat simulation game where you will live in an empty house with a partner. You will feed your cat, play with it and cut your nails. In addition, you must prepare food for your partner and other household chores. This game can be played offline.

The task of this game is to decorate the house and get a heart. For those who have just started playing this game, follow the tips carefully so you can get more hearts quickly and decorate your heart’s content. Furniture played by this beautiful house is very cute and immediately makes us want it. Even though you might receive a few items in advance, you should save your shopping desires so you don’t run out of steam.

Feed the Cat

Be diligent in filling your cat’s food bowl. When your cat is full, you will get more hearts. There are several ways you can do it, including caressing, caring for a manicure, and bathing. You don’t need to be afraid if you don’t care for cats. You only need to remember, practice, and repeat until you succeed. This is because the nature of cats is really random. Your cat will be happy if you succeed and get a heart. The choice of dishes in this game is very interesting to try everything. Your partner will be happy and you will have more hearts when you go home.

In-game Advertising

Every day we get ten advertisements that we can see by opening the heart menu in the upper right corner of the game. In addition, the option to display ads is displayed every time it has successfully treated the cat. However, if you want your heart to beat very fast, you certainly will not miss this opportunity. Not to mention that the heart has achieved many things by watching advertisements. These are tips to help you make lots of money quickly in this game. Follow the tips above several times until you manage to find a home with the decoration of your dreams.

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  • iOS 9.0 or higher. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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