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10 Januari 2020
Android 4.1+ Up
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AdGuard Pro Apk – Is a one-stop ad blocking tool for Android that removes ads from applications and browsers, protects your privacy and helps you manage applications. It’s easy to set up and get started, but it’s powerful and actionable. This application has everything you need for an Android adblock device, and works for solid devices.

Currently the use of mobile applications has become a habit for many people. Thanks to the convenience of a smartphone, life becomes more comfortable. But of course, there are advertisements that will benefit application makers. In addition, this type of malware also contains viruses that damage smart devices and steal personal information. However, in our modern times, we don’t need cellphones and handsets. Therefore, the most pressing problem is protecting ourselves.

His first and most loved feature is blocking fraudulent online tracking ads. Enables players to play faster, safer and more comfortable. For example, an ad blocking program requires users to root. You don’t need to do complicated operations, just install and use it.

However, this is enough to stop you from blocking ads and removing ads for your program and browser. Helps you protect your privacy and manage the applications that are on your smartphone. This application has excellent compatibility for almost every type of smartphone today. It can be installed and used on rooting and unstable devices.

Why AdGuard Pro?

This prevents all advertisements everywhere. Limitations of the entire system. This includes advertisements and advertisements in any program, browser, game, and website that you can imagine. Your ad filters are of many types and are constantly updated, ensuring the best filter quality. With AdGuard, you will be protected by an online monitoring system and analysis system that still exists on the web that tries to steal your sensitive information.

More closed ads means less ads to be displayed. This quickly means that a lot of transportation is saved. Simple math with AdGuard! Download the apk file, adjust the application and use it as you wish. You decide what to filter and what not. Many programs from basic to ‘pro’ and program management tools will help you optimize your filtering preferences.

The strength of this application is that you can block ads anywhere on your smartphone. This means that not everything is in the system. When you are still watching videos on YouTube and feel disturbed by advertisements, playing games, and online services, they are very annoying banners. Adguard blocks everything with many powerful filters installed with system code. In addition, it will regularly update the database so that even strong ad code is blocked. This can greatly increase traffic. This allows you to surf the internet faster than you see it.

Difference between Content Manager and Android

Content restrictions are generally not limited to certain visitors. But it is weak in terms of their anti-advertisement tools. AdGuard for Android, as a monitoring application, can block ads in all browsers and even other applications, and the monitor quality is very high. Although the free version to remove ads from advertisers is free, it does not filter traffic to other applications. It also has no security services. You can still find advertisements on other software and websites.

You will most likely need to activate the HTTPS filter. Most ads are uploaded via HTTPS, and AdGuard is also able to block it. Go to Settings -> HTTPS Filters and go. Another thing to do is make sure you use the ‘Best’ filter mode (Settings -> Advanced). Unlike many other ad formats, AdGuard can operate in VPN mode, which can even prevent advertisements even on existing devices.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to run two VPNs at the same time on Android, but there are several ways to avoid this limitation. If your device is rooting, or if you only store ads on a WiFi network, you can change AdGuard to proxy mode and allow other applications to use VPN. In addition, some VPNs allow the use of advanced proxies (for example, PIA VPN, Nord VPN).


  • Good images and improved resources for faster loading (8.8MB good results)
  • Based on the Premium version
  • All resources released
  • English and Russian

Features Available in AdGuard

  • Block ads anywhere on your mobile. No need to worry or worry about pop-ups or banners, games, applications and browsers from video and audio players.
  • Your personal information is always confidential and Adgard always respects it and does not steal your personal information. Adgard does this on the homepage
  • Many applications mean you need to download more images. If you have a cellular data plan, you can save a lot of traffic.
  • You have full control over your application. Therefore, you can also enable or disable several different types of ads according to predefined filters.
  • Specifically, Adguard Premium does not require a rooting device. You can use Adguard wherever RAM or memory is left. The program is very simple.

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